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  1. THEMANatwar

    Ford Bronco Family Will Be Revealed Across Prime-Time Networks on July 13th, 8PM EST

    Lil Nas X is a rapper. He basically trolled the music industry by making a "country" song so it basically debuted on country charts.
  2. THEMANatwar

    Bronco Grille and Headlights Teased!

    Its CGI, probably with some big effects for realism
  3. THEMANatwar

    Bronco Reveal Expectations

    Yeah I was particularly annoyed with that. You boast you have 11 grilles and don't show them? I was expecting a graphic of all 11 so you could compare them all at once or something...
  4. THEMANatwar

    2021 F-150 Reveal LIVE THREAD

    I'm so hoping the Bronco will get some sort of on board generator! That thing is sick
  5. THEMANatwar

    Bronco Mule Spotted Testing Off-Road Wearing BFG K02 Tires and Mad Max Bumper

    I'll take 2 In other news you can really see the hood tie downs now.
  6. THEMANatwar

    Bronco Pricing -- Mark Up ADM

    Yeah that's what I'm worried about with the Bronco. I've got a good chunk of money saved for a new car, but if they are going to mark the Bronc like 10k more I'll just pass and buy something else. Not going to waste my time with stupid dealer upcharge sh*t.
  7. THEMANatwar

    Spied: Uncovered 2-door Bronco and Bronco Sport in the wild from overhead

    Damn this thing looks amazing. Love the color whatever it is!
  8. THEMANatwar

    2021 Bronco Reveal Officially Comes July 13! [Moved From July 9]

    Hmm I was right. If somehow the media didn't catch wind of this I think it wouldn't have been pushed back.
  9. THEMANatwar

    2021 Bronco Reveal Officially Comes July 13! [Moved From July 9]

    Yeah I've seen a few articles now mentioning the date "coincidence." Hopefully this doesn't trigger some woke response and move the date back.
  10. THEMANatwar

    Grabber Blue 2021 Bronco 4-Door Preview Renderings

    That white top.... pffffweeeww. Take my money now.
  11. THEMANatwar

    Chip Foose does a first Gen Bronco

    Yeah how about no. I do give him props for designing something different.
  12. THEMANatwar

    What's next?

    Not that I'm losing interest in the Bronco, but man a little more info would be nice. Though we will get all the info at some point....hopefully soon.
  13. THEMANatwar

    Pics of Bronco Commercial Being Filmed in Mojave Desert?

    I hope they make some OJ reference as some easter egg in the commercial :LOL:
  14. THEMANatwar

    Bronco release pushed back due to Coronavirus?

    If anything I'd hope they just stream it live. Then you don't have to worry about canceling the reveal.
  15. THEMANatwar

    The gripe thread.

    Man you are really getting worked up over manual transmissions. Is this you? Mustang, Texas, and worked up over a car :LOL:
  16. THEMANatwar

    It is almost 3:00 pm

    Pizzas ready!
  17. THEMANatwar

    New uncovered pictures! Black 2021 Bronco 4 Door (topless 2 Door in background)

    True, but if there is a Raptor version and it has them definitely I'm definitely getting that and already have trims and beefier tires.