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  1. Toyota publishes "All you need to know" 4Runner vs Bronco comparison video

    I am probably one of very few people in this situation as I own a 2021 4runner TRD Off Road and I have a Bronco on order. They are for different purposes. One is a convertible off-road toy that can be driven on the street and take the doors off. The other is a capable SUV. I can't stress enough...
  2. ADV Full replacement "Bronco R" Fenders/Quarters sneak peek!

    I like the direction we're going. I want more clearance without hacking things to hell, and this is a good start.
  3. I still haven’t seen a single Bronco out in public

    There are a bunch here, maybe 5, but I live on a fairly affluent side of Dallas. I see one regularly on my way to the gym. Area 51 soft top. Never been next to it or if I have I guess I never looked at the rims/size to see if it's sasquatch or not. I also pass 8 or so local exotic cars (think...
  4. September Bronco Commodity Guide - Here's how to get your Bronco scheduled more quickly!

    So a totally base 4 door would get built? Is that how I should read this?
  5. Insurance buy

    Dollars to donuts you're looking at a tweaked frame.
  6. When will we get crash test ratings?

    Any word on when we will know safety ratings for the Bronco? I'm really curious how it stacks up. I know the sasquatch removes the crash bars, which makes me a little nervous. Anyone?
  7. Wife not impressed - dream may be dead

    I bought a 4Runner TRD off-road. It’s amazing. I absolutely love it and it’s bad ass.. the fact it can get itself unstuck in mud/sand/etc is phenomenal. I wish we sprung for the moonroof, but otherwise a great purchase. I am still getting my bronco, but I love this 4Runner and it’s plenty capable.
  8. Couldn't wait for my build any longer. Managed to snag a 4 door Badlands off the lot.

    I've gone from excited for you to jealous. I'd buy msrp right now in a heartbeat. I'd take a base with no upgrades at this point just to get in one until mine is ready. Great get.
  9. Couldn't wait for my build any longer. Managed to snag a 4 door Badlands off the lot.

    How much over sticker? That's the big question. Congrats on the bronco.
  10. I can no longer “Stay Pumped”

    I'm just sitting here waiting to hear anything. My reservation is late last year, I know I'm WAY down the list, but I've got time. I do wish I'd have an IDEA of a date, because I'd love to sell my ranger before the price dumps, but here we are.
  11. What we’ve all been waiting for…. TFL Bronco Week

    I need to know about brakes, why they removed the crash bars in the Sasquatch, and how it shifts. I like this channel. They are fun to watch and I think they all have good input. They almost sold me on a Gladiator once, but then I remembered they're a terrible design and I'd never take the...
  12. Mushy brakes?

    Can anyone who has driven one comment on the brakes? I have a 2020 Ranger and by far my #1 complaint is the mushy, almost broken feeling brakes. I've gotten used to them, but they're awful. Feel really sloppy like they need to be bled, but the dealership and the ranger5g forum have all said...
  13. Does anyone plan to put their 2021 for sale?

    5k over my cost and I'd sell it in a fucking heartbeat. Keep my ranger and just get back in line. It takes some time to make 5k in my world.