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  1. Blackstone Laboratories Oil Report - 2.3L Engine @ 2500 miles

    ….and ask Blackstone for their cover letter to take to the Post Office to cover the questions there of “anything flammable/toxic/etc” or similar. ive been using Blackstone for years for my airplane engine…..a common practice in the GA community.….anything to predict failure there is money well...
  2. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    Thanks, but… reservation? - gotta be joking, as an early reservation now, wouldn’t we move backward in the queue? Fort Mill Ford, NC, ….just a hand written note on the order, no formal price contract.
  3. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    A question for the folks at Stephens, having read the offer on page one but not the subsequent 153! pages, and now hearing horror stories of ADMs at other dealers: my wife made our reservation within the first 12 or so hours and we placed our order with a NC dealer……2dr, MIC, Badlands, tow - so...
  4. The Dog Thread 🐾

    My Boyz in alternative mode of transportation. Why back seat delete will be an early priority.
  5. Anyone else buying another vehicle for now and keeping their order active?

    Just got (been on the lookout for awhile) a ‘97 Land Rover Discovery 1 in nice shape except faded paint and knackered suspension…….plan a 2” RTE lift, just got 5 used 32” wheel/tires (General Grabbers), sealed the sunroofs, deleted the rear seats…….will be our fishing and knockin’ about in the...
  6. Hammock swag gift thread

    Did not take it out of bag …..Buck claimed it as his new doggie toy. He says thanks FOMOCO.
  7. Brand new bronco overheated today [Updated 8/19]

    Thread is TL/DR but have we even established that there was an overheat? OP may have misinterpreted a coolant leak with steam as “overheat”……has she/he been back to answer the critical question of temp gauge reading?
  8. Spotted: 2 Door Bronco Towing Trailer

    Remove spare, throw in hindmost section of empty trailer……..problemS solved (for today’s trip).
  9. Curious Why it Seems so Many People Want a Manual Trans?

    [citation needed] …..who’s experience? Your’s?
  10. Brand new bronco overheated today [Updated 8/19]

    Had a loose coolant hose spew coolant and steam within a few hundred miles from new on my ‘01 F250 7.3l - still running strong 230,000 miles later….. all is not lost, fear not.
  11. PSA - Warning on tailgate table install: don't drill too deep

    Are these “screws” or bolts?
  12. Thoughts on Hood Protector Armor Aeroskin II ?

    I’ll wait until someone else installs one and reports how much whistle at speed it produces.
  13. First look at Trail Armor by Lund on 2021 Bronco - Aeroskin Hood Protector, Front Corners and Rear Corners

    I’m equivocal on appearance…….but I can imagine those whistlin’ something awful at speed!

    Mechanics’ Law of Progressive Accretion: “take something apart often enough and you’ll eventually have enough parts left over to build an entire new one”
  15. Ford trailer brake controller unboxing

    Any calculus yet on Ford’s markup $ on the RedArc?
  16. 2.3l Alternator Packaging and Placement

    In photo of chassis/powertrain that alternator does look to have some ? Plumbing in the back - could, indeed, be coolant serviced….,I’d never heard of such
  17. 2.3l Alternator Packaging and Placement

    Water cooled - intended as humor, i ‘spect.
  18. Man’s best friend and two door Broncos

    Permanent back seat delete for my Boyz. here enjoying a flight in cargo