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  1. Looking for a Sport and full Bronco to come to our off road park for video and pictures

    I may have a few interested. They don’t have B6G accounts so who would they need to contact?
  2. Baja Designs S2 Reverse Kit Installed

    I’m planning a light bar, behind the spare…don’t have to worry about it being in the way if i need the spare off.
  3. Baja Designs S2 Reverse Kit Installed

    Need a quick disco in case you need to take the spare off…
  4. 9/13 Build Date, where are my people??

    Those wondering if your Bronco is MY21 or 22, check your VIN. 10th character will determine that. You may get a delivery in 2022, but your VIN will determine what year your vehicle is…
  5. How-to DIY: Wiring the Auxiliary Switches on the 2021 Ford Bronco

    Sorry everyone lots on confusion specially with my pics…the one i used did not have the center “solder” so to speak…just a metal ring that connects the wires and basically a heat shrink on both ends…my apologies
  6. How-to DIY: Wiring the Auxiliary Switches on the 2021 Ford Bronco

    Sorry about that…the one i used did not melt the center ring. Thought i had the correct video and when i saw the one that melted i deleted. My apologies. I didn’t know there was one that actually melted…i would definitely prefer that..
  7. How-to DIY: Wiring the Auxiliary Switches on the 2021 Ford Bronco

    non solder connectors the one i used does not melt the ring
  8. How-to DIY: Wiring the Auxiliary Switches on the 2021 Ford Bronco

    Run a pigtail and quick disconnectors and you won’t have to keep cutting existing wires..this is my set up. You’ll also have the ability to move any lights/accessories to whatever switch you like.
  9. Window Sticker

    1) have you confirmed with your dealer that you’re still 9/27? Most sept builds got pushed to Oct. i was 9/13 and now 10/11. 2) the window sticker link will populate in your tracker. (See pic, not my pic btw) You can also use the B6G tracker to pull it up and see if it’s ready.
  10. Biggest Bronco6G Rockstar, Can You Dig It?

    @618TRVLWILD 👈 the only true rockstar! Just sayin…
  11. New toys (Lego)!

    Shelby Hall signed Lego 💪
  12. To Keep MIC 1.0

    So why you angry?
  13. To Keep MIC 1.0

    Definitely not trying to change you mind on what you feel is stupid…as far as “need” you can definitely get any other vehicle (without waiting) so yes it is a “need”…
  14. To Keep MIC 1.0

    Doesn’t change the fact that people will pay regardless if they feel it is special enough for them. Heck we’re all here waiting on Broncos right? I’m pretty sure it is not a need to get one. So…. 🤷‍♂️
  15. To Keep MIC 1.0

    People are paying good $$ on obsolete items…typewriters, payphone sand such so I’m with the OP on this…whether you sell it or not, having an original top will have its upside as far as being special. And if you’re worried about the issues it has, get a separate top and keep the original. I’ll be...
  16. To Keep MIC 1.0

    People pay lucrative amounts of $$ on misprinted sports cards and such…sooo 🤷‍♂️
  17. To Keep MIC 1.0

    I never said they’ll come knocking at your door, but how will someone be able to get the 2.0 without trading in their 1.0? One must bring the 1.0 for a 2.0 swap…how will someone get to keep both is what i was implying…
  18. Pizza cutter 35" spare - rubber bumpers?

    Since you already have the RC relo for 3rd brake light, you might ass we’ll add the spare tire relo as well..