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  1. Mid Badlands vs Lux Badlands Sasquatch. Differences between the two after 2800 miles.

    The connectors you see there are what plug into the hard top wiring/tubing when it's on. They have the dummy connectors there so they don't just flop around in back when you have the top off or a soft top on.
  2. Disable "Keep hands on steering wheel" ?

    Bronco Sport has lane centering. Bronco does not. They have different systems. Farley or Levine or someone stated earlier in the year that Lane Centering required additional sensors/cameras/something that weren't part of the Bronco because of some of the modularity/off-road systems/etc. So...
  3. Disable "Keep hands on steering wheel" ?

    This is untrue. Bronco does not have lane centering. Co-Pilot 360 is bad nomenclature, IMO, as it is not clear what minimum features are necessary to have that branding and it is not consistent from one vehicle to the next what is included.
  4. First impression of my SAS Badlands

    Just wanted to jump on the bandwagon, but it's the perfect example of a feature I never cared about - until I had a vehicle with it. Now I never want a vehicle without it. It's not the most important thing, but it's a wonderful add-on I'll always opt for!
  5. Help me spec rig for my house in Costa Rica

    Expectations are that the sasquatch package will have a manual transmission option when '22 order banks open. Based on your wants and needs, I don't see how a Black Diamond, Sasquatch, marine grade vinyl and washout floors, with the standard (lowest tech) package isn't ideal. Badlands doesn't...
  6. Should I trade my Jeep for the Bronco? – Justin B. McBride

    Ah, I gotcha and see your perspective now. I was taking your comment a different way. Thanks.
  7. Should I trade my Jeep for the Bronco? – Justin B. McBride

    I'm confused about what you think is misleading - he clearly states he wouldn't trade his Jeep for this Bronco, and his reasons are mainly related to the tires/wheels/off-roading setup and the soft top. So he wouldn't trade for this Bronco. A Badlands with a hard top solves all his major...
  8. Courtesy Broncos

    Some dealerships are using their mannequins as courtesy vehicles. It's totally their call what they do with a mannequin, but a courtesy vehicle seems like a good way to get it out in front of people. If you want to ride in it, take your car in for service. ;)
  9. VIN now shows as NULL in Tracker

    Ford's tracking system is down right now.
  10. Bronco Warthog / Raptor Prototype Tailed on Video

    #EveryRaptorEver Doesn't mean I don't like them - but these are intentionally overbuilt vehicles. Heck, 95%+ of us who own (eventually) a "regular" Bronco won't use them to their capabilities, and that will be even more true of those who own a Warthog/Raptor Bronco.
  11. What's your back-up plan?

    May pull the trigger on an almost-new Mojave this week. It'll be fun to drive around for the next 4-72 months while I wait for my Bronco, and the wife can decide whether she wants to drive it or keep driving our JL, or get something else entirely. Gladiators seem to be holding their value so...
  12. How long did it take for you to get a vin?

    Most people haven't gotten a VIN yet. You won't get one until your vehicle is scheduled for build.
  13. Will dealer allocations push some early reservation holders to 23?

    That's not how allocations get distributed. If your dealer is allocated 120 for the year, they're going to get about 10 a month. They aren't going to "burn through" all their allocations by June. When scheduling for January happens, they'll get 10 scheduled builds. Then Feb, Mar, etc. If on one...
  14. Will dealer allocations push some early reservation holders to 23?

    Allocations is how every vehicle is distributed to dealers. It will absolutely continue to be used. Too much energy is extended complaining about allocations ruining everything without really understanding how they work. It's simply a way to distribute total annual production over the country...
  15. Painful (but responsible) solution to MIC issue decided. Announcement imminent.

    Especially when the soft top supplier is also the hard top supplier you want to kick to the curb.
  16. Mike Levine's non-answer... or is it?

    #onsoapbox I disagree. Not answering a question, or answering it more vaguely than desired, isn't lying. Lying is answering with deliberately false or misleading information. I am just sensitive to people maligning another's character that way. You may not agree with the way Mike Levine does...
  17. Mike Levine's non-answer... or is it?

    So, you believe Mike Levine is "directly lying" to us. Can you share what he's said that you believe is a direct lie? I see him not sharing much with us. It's definitely frustrating. I'd love to know more. And I respect how challenging it is to try to meet the needs of 120,000+ people. Heck, I...
  18. Bronco production update 8/9: Commodity issues far beyond MIC tops. Chip shortage reaches Bronco supply chain (NO COVID TALK)

    I don't know - if you have a MY21 (without issues, of course), it's going to always be a rare bird now. Getting more rare by the minute, it seems. There will be a market for 21s for quite a while, IMO.
  19. Bronco production update 8/9: Commodity issues far beyond MIC tops. Chip shortage reaches Bronco supply chain (NO COVID TALK)

    As others have stated, the only indication Webasto was "fired" from producing MIC tops was in this thread as speculation. And it makes no sense whatsoever at the moment. Will they eventually be replaced? Definitely possible. And maybe already in process. But Webasto is going to have to continue...