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  1. Request: MyColor

    Well, there goes a minute of my life I’ll never get back.
  2. Just wrapped up an extended test drive.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion …..however they are not entitled to other people’s wives opinions. My wife didn’t want a Bronco. She wanted an Explorer or an Aviator. And she certainly didn’t want a soft top. I bought an abandoned order BB, mid package, sig lights, soft top in Cactus...
  3. Wife not impressed - dream may be dead

    That’s a tough call. So, just how attached are you to your current spouse?
  4. Does $100 reservation go towards the cost of the car?

    I hate to break this to you, but that’s not leverage. They could care less and would prefer that you walk so they don’t have to honor a signed agreement. The $5k ADM was on an abandoned order that I chose to pay, knowing I would get it back from them or someone else in a few months. But yeah...
  5. Does $100 reservation go towards the cost of the car?

    No, I didn’t abandon my order. I still have my day 1, first 10 minute reservation and I’ll force the dealership to refund my $100 when I trade the 4dr BB in on my reserved 2dr BL, or I don’t do business with them again. I’m good either way. The $1000 down payment when I ordered went to the...
  6. Does $100 reservation go towards the cost of the car?

    That’s not the way I look at it. I will address the $5k when I trade it back in to them. If the $5k ADM was good for me it’ll be good for them or I’ll sell it to someone else to get it back. They were offered $10k over MSRP while I was closing my deal, and I know I could sell it for more than...
  7. Does $100 reservation go towards the cost of the car?

    I purchased an abandoned order BB from the dealership that my 2dr reservation is with. They agreed to transfer my 2dr $1,000 deposit towards the BB as long as I agreed to finance thru them…..which cost me 1/2 a point (%2.74 vs %2.24 got 72 months) but I’ll get that back to %2.24 when I refinance...
  8. AMA: I'm sitting outside Bronco Dirt Mountain

    Shit. I guess the jokes on me. Yeah, still waiting on my 2dr BL. But having the 4dr BB in the driveway makes the waiting a little more tolerable. Yes, I am truly blessed.
  9. AMA: I'm sitting outside Bronco Dirt Mountain

    I was not being judgmental…..just making a joke, so lighten up Francis. But since you asked, I was checking football scores while taking a break from installing my new trailer hitch and Curt hitch basket on my Bronco.
  10. AMA: I'm sitting outside Bronco Dirt Mountain

    Instead of spending your Sunday at DM, do you think it would be more constructive spending Sunday in church, working on salvation for your immortal soul and getting right with Jesus? This would place you in a better position to curry favor from our lord and savior and ask the big guy to...
  11. Just For Fun- Guess Total # of MY2021 Produced

    To tell the truth……..I just thought it would be some funny shit to say. I’m Currently the owner of a more door BB that was abandoned, and I have to say I’m really liking it. I like the space and even the way it looks. I kept my 2dr order and plan on trading the 4dr in on it, but I’m going to...
  12. Just For Fun- Guess Total # of MY2021 Produced

    Once you scrub the total and remove all the non-Bronco 4drs, probably 4,200.
  13. October/November Builds…the party is over here🙌🏻

    Green? Looks like Antimatter Rust to me. I’ll bet it really pops in the shade.
  14. Should I trade my Jeep for the Bronco? – Justin B. McBride

    The air vents in the floor is inexcusable….I haven’t driven in the rear seats yet, and none of my passengers that have has complained, but logic would dictate the rear airflow design is flawed. I’m not sure how someone could have an expectation of a soft top being quiet. What was he...
  15. Bronco Team 2 door.

    And then… a sign from the almighty, a 2dr revealed itself and my fellow Wyomingite had an epiphany. Welcome to team 2dr.
  16. OMG-Enough with the “Dirt Mountain” Nonsense

    Yeah, dammit. Whining complainers are the absolute worst. And it’s not even a “Mountain” …..way, way too small to be a mountain. I would dare say it’s more like a hill. Perhaps even a “mole hill”? You whiny bastards have gone and made a mountain out of a mole hill…….now, get to work making some...
  17. Pinch Weld Cover-Up: Don't Use Adhesive Trim

    It sits flush with the pinch weld and doesn’t wrap around the underside of the weld or up the back side of it. The best opportunity for seepage would be if you didn’t get a tight seal on the upper 3M tape strip. I suppose time will tell, but I won’t have it long enough to know since I’m...
  18. Pinch Weld Cover-Up: Don't Use Adhesive Trim

    DIY/easy. Just use their clean and prep wipes and attach with affixed 3M tape. You have to remove one screw on each side of the rear wheel well trim and reattach it as it goes over the trail armor. Instructions are provided.
  19. Pinch Weld Cover-Up: Don't Use Adhesive Trim

    I installed the Trail Armor rocker panels on my BB yesterday. Looks much better and should provide protection against some of the rock damage we’ve been seeing. Here’s some before and after photos:
  20. What mods do you have waiting on your Broncos?

    Yeah, the weird thing is they’re showing a picture of the door sill protection (which mine doesn’t have) and the top lip of the rocker panel protection, but they both have the identical model/part number VM2DZ-1613208-A.