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  1. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    I vote for d. It has the least amount of hassle. Today was supposed to be my Bronco's bday. But I guess the Dr got the due date wrong. Waaaaay wrong.
  2. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    How?!?!?! I'm my area, I've seen 1 in the wild. 1! And that was well over a month ago. Maybe even 2 at this point.
  3. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    F'n clients. Always in the way. I'm a director for tech program/project management. Idk your boss. But I would just have a candid convo with him/her. If it were me, and you came and talked to me, I'd personally step in for you so you can go live life. Work will always be there. As long as you...
  4. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    But if you're the project manager, you should've known this date was coming for some time now. ;) With planning like that... Do you work for Ford? You can tell us. We won't judge. Hahaha, I kid, I kid.
  5. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Right. Or how about the people that switched to soft tops, even though they really didn't want to, and really want a hard top. How about we make those hard tops available before we start building new versions.... with hard tops. Let me backup. How about Ford delivers on what they initially...
  6. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    nope, mine is still giving the same little to no information.
  7. When will we get crash test ratings?

    just ask this guy:
  8. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    I'm sorry, but I can't get over how Ford is already planning a new version of a car that they can't even produce the first version. Does no one else find this comical? Am the only one sitting here scratching my head? Will the raptor have a hard top? Will hardtops get prioritized to Raptors...
  9. 2021 Bronco Husky WeatherBeater Complete Front & Rear Floor Liner Kit

    Are they? Ugh. Was afraid of that. I have husky liners in my Tahoe and they're good. I have some small issues with them... The 2nd row has a bump in the middle, so it's not super precise. And the side on the back passengers is bent up. But they keep the dirt and mud contained and are easy to...
  10. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Thx, sorry I don't read anything below what the person actually posts. haha. so 2 weeks. Not bad, not bad at all. So if I'm lucky and my week hasn't been pushed even more. Which it could very well have been... I refuse to ask at this point. I should have my Bronco before Thanksgiving! Looks...
  11. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    when was your built email again? or completion date? Just curious again on the door to door timing after it's actually built. didn't seem that long. But I can't remember.
  12. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    I don't like the FORD on the front.
  13. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Place it now. See what happens. You never know. Worst case is you need to re submit in a month.
  14. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    I'm with you man. I've lost the excitement I had. It'll come back once I get that built email. But until then, I have a VIN, so I know they need to build it this year. So I know I'll get it between now and Dec 31st. Which is about the best timeline I've ever gotten. So I'm trying to just...
  15. Newly Produced Broncos Being Shipped with MIC Top 2.0 Ahead of "Dirt Mountain" Replacements?

    so what you're saying is you'd be cool if they are producing Broncos, but only soft top Broncos? Even if they have the capability to produce MIC Broncos? So if they have the capability to product a day 1 or day 2 reservation who has been patiently waiting with a MIC you're not cool with it. But...
  16. [Updated With Outcome in Part 2 Video] Dealer marks up former employee's Bronco by $10k

    I guess you think only you're allowed to benefit from the market volatility? Would you rather state run business where prices are set by the government? If nothing was agreed to, then the business selling you the commodity is free to charge you whatever they'd like. It's up to you, the consumer...
  17. [Updated With Outcome in Part 2 Video] Dealer marks up former employee's Bronco by $10k

    while, yes, it's f'd up what dealers are doing. And I 100% do not condone this on customer reservations/orders. Abandoned orders are another thing. Now, with that said. I don't think it's as bad when you're trading in a car (depending on the tradein, of course). Actually, it's almost a wash...
  18. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    oh, and how does it only stick to the emblem?
  19. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    damn dude, you sure are doing a lot to your Bronco! At least I know who to ask for tips when I finally do get mine! I like this, looks sharp. What would you grade the effort on it?
  20. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    My favorite is 287 South in NJ becomes 440 North. Same road. No merger or anything. Heading southbound, then boom, nope heading northbound.