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  1. TeocaliMG

    GOAT Mode (G.O.A.T.) For 2021 Bronco Confirmed by Dave Pericak

    Interesting, I can see it now, guy pulls up behind you at the stop light blasting some dubstep with extreme bass and your Bronco just starts lifting up into the air Could be a good defense mechanism :LOL:
  2. TeocaliMG

    Bronco Grille and Headlights Teased!

    Yes, now that would be OFF ROAD!
  3. TeocaliMG

    3.0 Hybrid EcoBoost Found on Lincoln Avaiator on Bronco (Thoughts?)

    It would probably pull a wheelie! At least theres the rear mounted spare to fall back on, enabling some handy parking maneuvers.
  4. TeocaliMG

    Lite Brite

    I like watching Trail Recon occasionally but I wont pretend to say that he is a hardcore wheeler. It is also more overland oriented but I like the channel because you get in-depth reviews/instructions of some really cool hidden gems. I feel like I'm taking notes on GPS coordinates on every...
  5. TeocaliMG

    Bronco Only Coming with the 2.3 EcoBoost?

    Here I fixed it ;) :
  6. TeocaliMG

    Bronco Mule Spotted Testing Off-Road Wearing BFG K02 Tires and Mad Max Bumper

    There are anti-roll bars and then there are ANTI-ROLL BARS, that bumper is for mounting up the latter. Not unlike these examples: Meanwhile after the latest crash testing Jeep is seeing if they can make these production equipment
  7. TeocaliMG

    Leaked pics: IFS, 7spd manual shifter (w/ crawler gear), sway bar disconnect, top latch, EcoBoost engine, AUX switches, front & rear lockers!

    idk, Kumar made it pretty clear in one of the internal meetings that this was absolutely not part of the plan. I think if Ford wanted to they would go more the route of that mud testing video showing the thing in action with only the most deliberate glimpses at certain details. Who knows, its...
  8. TeocaliMG

    Video: Camo’d 2021 Bronco 4-Door w/ Close Up of Frameless Doors

    The 6.7 power stroke is a beast, I just cant recommend it enough! that said, its very expensive by comparison. Besides, the old 7.3 (and the trucks it comes in) is just plain cool!
  9. TeocaliMG

    Videos of the Bronco offroad in mud park

    Longer version out for those who may have missed it
  10. TeocaliMG

    The IFS vs SFA Thread

    It is a small supplementary steering system for the superduty, they had a demo on it a while back, pretty clever. It is mounted on the input side of the hydraulic RCB gear so obviously the main steering force is coming from the RCB gear. This just lets the software guys give the steering system...
  11. TeocaliMG

    Type of tires you want

    That tire looks like its giving birth, and they should have gone with a C-section...
  12. TeocaliMG

    The IFS vs SFA Thread

    If you guys want to try another thought experiment, try thinking about the objectives of suspension as if you are writing a DFMEA. What are your primary functions? what do you want the suspension to do, and what are the failure modes which would inhibit the function and the associated severity...
  13. TeocaliMG

    The Bronco information drip feed

    It was more or less confirmed in internal meetings that it was in no way planned by Ford. Further they made it clear that they would be taking necessary steps to find out how/why the leaks got out and adjust accordingly. There will still be people who don't believe this but I really respect...
  14. TeocaliMG

    Ford Officially Postpones 2021 Bronco Reveal

    They should do the reveal today, but do it with the Bronco wearing a giant protective facemask over the grill such that its not really a reveal anyway
  15. TeocaliMG

    where do you expect the new bronco to rank in the popular offroad vehicle heigharchy?

    Maybe i'm way off base here. Certainly those cases, like yours (including doing the neighbors in which driving a skidder is way too slow), could probably be perfectly satisfied with a smaller plow rig. My main point or assumption is that most people who have a property and/or driveway large...
  16. TeocaliMG

    where do you expect the new bronco to rank in the popular offroad vehicle heigharchy?

    Glad someone else knows about these! One of the coolest suspension designs I've ever come across. Limited in travel but still awesome. You get a good shot of it in Mad Max Fury road when they roll the war rig which was on a Tatra chassis. This scene gives me chills, so epic! Heres the...
  17. TeocaliMG

    where do you expect the new bronco to rank in the popular offroad vehicle heigharchy?

    Late here again, idk how this got off the other topic again, (we have a thread for this) I don't think ANYONE here who knows what they are talking about said definitively the new (or old) Bronco IFS cant Plow. One thing I said is why the EFFFF would anyone use a midsize vehicle for plowing? use...
  18. TeocaliMG

    The IFS vs SFA Thread

    as much as I want to come up with a new orientation under the label TTB it means twin traction beam, also known as TIB or twin I beam. It is one version of independent suspension in which the pivot for the control arm or beam lies on the opposite side of the vehicle centerline. This lets the...