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  1. Anyone get the Sunrider Softtop?

    I was just going to pre-order one but was curious since the Bronco 4DR has the removable 2nd row panel if you can still remove that panel with the Sunrider installed so I emailed that question to Bestop. I also again, asked if they were planning on making a Sunrider for both rows while keeping...
  2. Anyone get the Sunrider Softtop?

    I will be ordering one as soon as my Bronco gets shipped off of Dirt Mountain. I had one on my Jeep and I thought is was a game changer. Open air experience in seconds. And if you needed more security for some reason you can remove it in less than 30 minutes. Buy from Bestop or a good local...
  3. Black Diamond Two Door has Arrived! So many questions!

    I finally ordered one for myself in anticipation of my delivery. Hopefully my Badlands gets released from Dirt Mountain soon. 7/16 build date, October MIC replacement.
  4. Finally a Front license plate solution - order yours today

    Nice solution. Referred @Rossandrufus to your post today and thought I should finally buy mine too! Hopefully mine will be released from Dirt Mountain soon. 3 months and counting since built.
  5. Black Diamond Two Door has Arrived! So many questions!

    Great looking Bronco. Waiting on my Iconic Silver Badlands from Dirt Mountain. This is a good option for the front plate, also.
  6. Four Broncos on Display @ Texas State Fair Auto show

    This just posted from Bestop a couple of days ago. Only problem is it doesn't fold down all of the way. I keep bugging Bestop for a 2 row version of the retractable top to replace the 3 panels on the hardtop.
  7. Maisto Bronco Die casts at Costco.

    I blended an Iconic Silver (my color) Wildtrak with a Badlands (my build, but 4DR) to create my own Frankenstein build. Finally have something in my driveway. Waiting for release from Dirt Mountain.
  8. Clearlidz - Clear top panels

    Here's a couple of torture tests. Second one has a temp check. They are very expensive. Could be interesting over all passengers on a 4 door.
  9. Please make a Bestop Sunrider for 4-door that replaces front 3 panels

    Do we have a standard Resident ID#? I've seen different types including inmate #s (which I don't like). I like yours better. Assuming it is the order date / blend date / dealer order #. We should standardize it and at least have some fun while we all are miserably waiting.
  10. Please make a Bestop Sunrider for 4-door that replaces front 3 panels

    Thanks for posting the link. Everyone that's interested, please contact them. I contacted Bestop in May along with a build idea that was sent to R&D. No reply since initial contact. Also, I contacted TFL since they work with them on a regular basis (no reply from TFL). It seems like many of us...
  11. Prediction: I'm calling it right now, Ford will have to cancel my VIN and push me to a 22.

    Just send me my Dirt Mountain Bronco now and everyone else that wants theirs. I think Ford can afford to spend a few bucks on shipping to replace the top at our dealers. I promise, I won't show anyone the flaws in my MIC top.
  12. Badlands on 37s Town and Country

    I was just kidding, he just said it more than usual. It's his trademark.
  13. Badlands on 37s Town and Country

    I think I missed it, how tall is Mitchell?
  14. Hennessey Bronco Badlands Performance

    It will be interesting to see what they come up with!
  15. First Edition Broncos w/ MIC hard tops start to schedule again with mid-October production estimate

    If you look at the "Sold" column on the bottom left, it shows 41 sold as of today, some for crazy amounts.
  16. Badlands Off Road Torture Test

  17. Bronco Badlands Jumping & Driven Hard

    I posted it yesterday. Maybe @Administrator can combine the 2 (or more?) into one thread. Not looking for the credit but a cool video to watch. I know I won't be driving mine that way!
  18. Bronco Badlands Jumping & Driven Hard

  19. 2022 Bronco Colors Details Tonight @ 7:30pm Eastern

    I can't decide! I'll take this one. Just kidding. Just replace the disco colors with the new colors from tonight.
  20. Bronco Doors Off Driving Impression