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  1. Ford begins sending Hardtop Replacement emails to Bronco customers today

    Got mine this am: 620 is scheduled to have its hardtop roof replaced in November based on your production date and prioritization of oldest units first. So November. Wish me luck X
  2. Anyone get a golden ticket email today?

    I got a BRONCO hammock in the mail the other day
  3. Compared to a Defender - some general thoughts and concerns.

    Who knows... I ordered on July 19th. I have a feeling I wont get it until November. I did see a black 4 door bronco soft top on the road over the weekend in Wicker Park (Chicago) and it looked great too. I just ended up liking the Defender more. It just dawned on me that I probably wouldn't be...
  4. Compared to a Defender - some general thoughts and concerns.

    The Defender kills the bronco IF your priorities aren't OFF ROADING and OPEN AIR. For a typical daily with light/moderate off roading, the Defender is hard to beat. The build quality is fantastic, and it just feels way more premium. I ordered a 90 with the P300 engine as it felt great to me on...
  5. Double "Bronco" photoshoot during 24 hour demo: 2021 Bronco & OV-10 Bronco

    I believe the OV10's were used against ISIS positions.
  6. Compared to a Defender - some general thoughts and concerns.

    Originally I was all about the Defender 90. Then the reveal came and I was let down that there was no open air options and I also was eh about the looks. That sent me to BRONCO. I waited for the reveal and made a reservation ASAP. I ordered a black 2 door badlands with optional wheels and the...
  7. 📣 Ford announces MIC hardtop solution (program 21B49): unscheduled orders will get MY2022, delivered & built Broncos will have tops replaced

    This is the email I got : Dear Future Bronco Owner, There's nothing we want more than to get your Bronco to you. Your Bronco is built, but unfortunately, we're having appearance and quality issues with the hardtop roof and it needs to be replaced. As a result, your delivery timing will...
  8. 8/2 Bronco Scheduling Cancelled - Again!

    Mine (2 door badlands w optional wheels and high pkg) is for sale on eBay. Supposed to be a week of Aug 9th build.
  9. Just test drove a 2 Door WT ... Eh! Some disappointing discoveries.

    OK so I drove the Defender 90. It is quite different than the Bronco. The Defender is an extremely capable vehicle that is also posh. I definitely loved the interior feels and views. Will it do what a bronco will do? I don't think so. The Bronco is more purpose built. I think if off roading was...
  10. Just test drove a 2 Door WT ... Eh! Some disappointing discoveries.

    dayof approx 1 hour after commercial.
  11. Just test drove a 2 Door WT ... Eh! Some disappointing discoveries.

    ugh. I have NOT driven one yet, but I did get to sit in and start up a 2 door WT. Since we are being honest, I too left a little bit deflated. I don’t know what it is but I wasn’t blown away at all. I wish I was. I felt it was too big. The one I have coming in in August is a badlands with...
  12. Why is Ford Shipping Dealer Stock units with HARDTOPS ??

    Kinda looks better without the rear tire....
  13. Why is Ford Shipping Dealer Stock units with HARDTOPS ??

    I saw this at a Ford Dealership in Glenview IL
  14. Wildtrak vs Base Bronco 4-Door Side-by-Side Shows Height and Equipment Difference

    Saw and sat in my first Bronco sighting, a BLUE WILDTRAX, Let me just say this about that... it looks like someone took a bronco, stuck an air compressor into it , and just let her flow... BLOATED. I got BADLANDS with optional wheels inbound and I couldn't be happier with my choice. SASQUATCH...
  15. Just saw my first !

    So I was just at a Ford dealer in Glenview IL which has a blue wild trax. I got to sit inside and start it up. Here’s my general impressions. 1. Sasquatch is def a look. Way too big for my liking. I also think the flares stick out too much. 2. Interior is nice. Not luxurious by any...
  16. Excitement is Over

    You know this whole pleasure delay could have been just a sad trip to blue balls... but by the grace of God we are getting something that will be worth the wait. Imagine how lousy you would feel right now if all the reviews were negative? We are getting a great truck gents, one worthy of a long...
  17. THE my Bronco production build date has been DELAYED / MOVED BACK thread

    same. Got the third delay yesterday. Was June, then July and now early augu
  18. Communication being sent @ 3PM Eastern to those with build date

    I have a VIN too.. what do you mean you getting moved out?