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  1. Does this count as a review?

    He's trolling 😂
  2. 1st Demo Bronco showed up today!

    There should not be a single demo unit with a hard top until all of the hard top reservations are fulfilled.
  3. The Morning After: Bronco Production News Update and Notes [June 16]

    You should write all of Fords press releases for the Bronco. The way you lay out information is so much more clear and concise. Or, if nothing else, they should send you a really nice gift for explaining things that they don't seem to be able to. Your information comes across as explanations...
  4. Bronco Event at Team Ford in Las Vegas

    Here are the photos...
  5. Bronco Event at Team Ford in Las Vegas

    So great to finally see them in real life! And totally lucked out that they had a 2.3L manual BD which is my build (minus the 2 extra doors). The team that runs the event were awesome and let you crawl all over and in the vehicles. The MVG seats were super comfortable and the exterior and...

    I drove a 2012 FJ Trails Team which had totally decent visiblity out of that windshield. The Bronco can't be any worse than that.
  7. 📈 Our 2021 Bronco Order Stats / Take Rates After 3K Submissions

    I waited until the last second to change my color based on this because I wanted the least popular one. So Iconic Silver it is (which I actually really like).
  8. When is the final day to make changes?

    My dealership told me April 8 was the last day for changes to my MY21 order.
  9. Anybody else concerned about plastic interior looking cheap?

    I definitely think all MY21 order holders should push their orders to MY22...just to be safe...
  10. Jeep rolls down Potato Salad Hill at EJS 2021

    Even though it's exciting to watch I always feel bad for people when seeing those expensive vehicles go ass over tea kettle.
  11. 20.1 average MPG showing on a 2.7L Bronco Outer Banks at dealer event

    Right? And they obviously have the capabilty to make something much better. It's really confusing because it almost doesn't look like it belongs in the Bronco.
  12. 20.1 average MPG showing on a 2.7L Bronco Outer Banks at dealer event

    I'm coming from a 2015 Challenger and I love everything about the instrument cluster in it. Im just surprised they didn't integrate the things that they still have as physical lights, like the blinkers, check engine, etc. weren't integrated into the screen and the gear select lights already look...
  13. 20.1 average MPG showing on a 2.7L Bronco Outer Banks at dealer event

    Does the gauge cluster look sort of outdated to anyone else? The more I see it the less I like it.