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  1. ATLBronco75

    Georgia Bronco

    5 star in Stone Mountain is knowledgeable if you ask for Drew. Last time I talked with them they had a very low number of reservations and were doing MSRP. In your position that's what I'd try.
  2. Bandlands on 1" leveling kit with 35’s and Fuel wheels (+1mm offset)

    Did you use a third brake light extender of some kind?
  3. Badlands with 37" Tires and Winch!

    That's a real nice school bus!
  4. Mph/ goat mode display issue?

    It's a verys subtle visual treatment to the background unique for each mode. With the brightness turned down I really like it. Yours looks super washed out for some reason.
  5. Cargo area mat for 4-Door Bronco - Where can I buy?

    Now that you have the part number you can just google it and pick the place with it in-stock/lowest shipping: Don't forget eBay...
  6. ATLBronco75

    Georgia Bronco

    @NewToBronco I'm going to go pick up my kid in a few. Just prowl around the school with some binoculars.
  7. Eco Mode/Gas Mileage

    I swear Normal mode has more "Learning" in it. At first I couldn't tell them apart but my shifts are much later in Normal compared to Eco now.
  8. 📒 2022 Bronco Price List and Order Guide Released

    An actual price for TUBE DOORS! Now, can I actually order them?
  9. ATLBronco75

    Georgia Bronco

    Asking $250 as above but maybe wait 14 days before coming by. lol
  10. ATLBronco75

    Georgia Bronco

    @JRHEXP you back yet?
  11. Maxlider Style First Edition Bronco build delivered

    Honestly, if you haven’t seen it in person you haven’t really seen it. It’s an incredible color.
  12. Any way to reduce turbo lag without exceeding torque?

    I just got out of the break in period in my 2.7 Badlands. Now that I’m willing to just pin it to the floor the 2.7 seems very powerful. I don’t feel much lag while passing but I’ve driven turbo cars for years so it probably depends what you’re comparing it to.
  13. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    Badlands no lift Method m703 +35 285/75/17 ~34” Toyo A/T III
  14. 🛠 8/30 Build Week Group

    My carplay got all wonky one time but it sorted itself out when I turned it off and back on again. I also had a weird nail looking thing poking out from under my soft top but turned out to be a pop rivet stem and i was able to wiggle it off.
  15. 🛠 8/30 Build Week Group

    Felt cute might delete later.
  16. Jay Leno's Garage (featuring Kevin Bacon)

    BO bar. Must have been shot a while ago.
  17. best door sill protection?

    I have Xpel traction tape on the way. I’ll report back
  18. BEHOLD! Rear cup holders!

    Handy molle bottle holders from Amazon. Kids love them. Specifically:
  19. ATLBronco75

    Georgia Bronco

    Saw this one outside of my kids school right before we got in it! Oak Grove area.