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  1. Mike Levine saying outright he does NOT care about Granger/Chapman/SAC

    I wonder if 2% of the customers that are supremely pissed at Ford and Levine aka tits on a bull is worth it to them with this news. I chose locally so I have no skin in this game however I can't believe how far my emotions have dropped in one year.
  2. Ford Bronco Ranks 4th in 2021 Made in America Auto Index

    To be honest, I would take a Asian produced modular top.
  3. I BROKE-IN my brand new BRONCO at Moab!!

    You and your spotter make that look easy. You have mad skills. Great job and great video.
  4. Mike Levine saying outright he does NOT care about Granger/Chapman/SAC

    He's paid by Ford. Would you expect that hack to say anything different?
  5. 👨🏻‍💻 2022 Build & Price Is Up!

    IMAGINE THAT.....THE B&P isn't accurate and has errors??????? Have we all forgotten last year?
  6. Off-Roading Bronco Badlands - Learn from my wheeling mistakes!

    Very useful thread. Thanks OP and others for your input.
  7. why are we blaming Ford and not the dealers?

    Think of it without the reservation system Ford set up. If Ford had chose to roll out the Bronco the traditional method then allocations would have been based on high volume dealers getting most of MY2021. Ford chose this new business model, sold it as such and then pulled it when it broke. In...
  8. BuiltRight Industries - Cargo Area MOLLE System - Seeking feedback!

    I currently am waiting for a 2 door modular top badlands that will be MY2023. Have you considered a MOLLE system attached to the Boron roll cage (so in the area that will be the removeable glass) higher up on the sides?
  9. Car and driver test of the 392 rubicon Xtreme package.

    Pretty Impressive at 4 seconds.
  10. Ford begins sending Hardtop Replacement emails to Bronco customers today

    Dear Dirt Mountain Owners, Congratulations on receiving some word from Ford Motor Company. You've earned it. Now F**k off! Respectfully Written, MY2023 Modular Top Owners on reserved 7/13
  11. Compared to a Defender - some general thoughts and concerns.

    What a nice vehicle. Congratulations. I definitely would have been tempted if that showed up on a lot near me.
  12. Ford engineers should just stop and ask why? It’s not hard.

    Well I for one can appreciate the questions the OP has asked this forum. In many cases a number of you has stepped up and explained why Ford did what they did. My take on his questions were that he was not whining, tearing down Ford's reputation or complaining. Just using this forum to help...
  13. 2021 Bronco B&O Sound System Review

    My guess is that the footwell speakers go away with the B&O system and they add pairs of speakers on each of the A pillar/dash locations. I came away happy at this review. Good job.
  14. Ford's Bronco Customer Satisfaction Funds Plan Will Help Dealers Manage Order Waits

    Let's see, it expires June of 2022. Modular tops not available until 2023. Great.
  15. Drone + Bronco vs G-Wagon and Wrangler @ Hungry Valley

    Nice video. You had until the Karate Kid music.
  16. New Models/Upgrades Coming for 2022/2023 says Levine

    Question of the day. Why would anyone follow or look to Mike Levine for answers or insight? If I never see another thread on Mike Levine's comments it would be too soon.
  17. Dash and display / radio removal step-by-step DIY video

    Doors in the vent system that change the air flow of your vents from defrost to blowing on the floor or vents that face you.
  18. Dash and display / radio removal step-by-step DIY video

    What isn't shown in this video is if the front cover can be separated from the air bag components. I really don't see an issue with painting. I don't believe any amount of paint is going to prevent the violent eruption of the bag deployment. My biggest question would be is there a clear cut line...
  19. Rewind 53 years at MAP...

    Great piece of history but I can't get past Kevin's circles for dots in his signature. Only little girls do that Kevin!