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  1. LOD Offroad is in the house!

    What kind of 3D scanning setup are you using?
  2. Have i made a huge error not getting the 4A mode?

    Just today I was out on the wet roads in my F-150 trying to make an uphill left turn across traffic from a stop. I tried to pull out quickly to catch a gap in traffic and just smoked one rear tire without moving much at all. I put it in 4A for the rest of the drive and couldn't spin a tire even...
  3. Black Diamond axles same as Badlands and Sasquatch? How is 4.46 gears for Base + 35's ?

    It locks the front and rear axles together. It does not lock the left and right side of each axle together, that's what the "lockers" do. In 4A mode the transfer case modulates a clutch to move power forward or backward where it's needed. In 4H mode, the clutch is just held at 100% clamping...
  4. GOAT modes unavailable and Sta-Bar Disconnect Service Required

    Two more goodies - if they can't duplicate the issue, they will charge you for diagnostic time and fix nothing. And the warranty typically only covers a repair that involves part replacement. If the repair involves an adjustment, tightening, or reprogramming, the warranty won't cover that. I've...
  5. Audio Upgrade - Observations/Questions

    If you got the Reference 6530cx, they will only go down to 53Hz, you're missing a ton of low end. Aftermarket 6.5" speakers generally aren't expected or designed to fill in the low end, it's usually expected to provide the high end while a subwoofer fills out the lows. Ford may have spec'd the...
  6. Best Tire Set up for Snow

    Yeah, and if we're talking about dry road braking distance or cornering grip, I'll still pick a summer over a winter tire even at 40F.
  7. Tool Kit to keep in the back - SAE or metric is better for the sockets and wrenches?

    Everything on the truck other than the diameter of the wheels and maybe the spark plug socket is going to be metric.
  8. Best Tire Set up for Snow

    Depends on the tire. I've had summers that still gripped hard below 40 degrees F in the dry, where winters are always pushy/squishy. I'd have certainly been in trouble if there'd been any kind of precipitation, though.
  9. Blackstone Laboratories Oil Report - 2.3L Engine @ 2500 miles

    Do you expect to get worthwhile data from marketing material? Why are you sure of that? What relevance does this test have to long-term reliability, oil consumption, heat cycles, and age that a real-world engine will face?
  10. Blackstone Laboratories Oil Report - 2.3L Engine @ 2500 miles

    Both the 2.3 and 2.7 were introduced for the 2015 model year. Ford claims the 2015 2.0/2.3 were a "clean sheet" block design, though technically you can still trace its roots back to the Mazda engine.
  11. Blackstone Laboratories Oil Report - 2.3L Engine @ 2500 miles

    Yeah I was trying to avoid having someone repost this stuff by specifically mentioning race engines that have a specific use case and low life expectancy.
  12. Blackstone Laboratories Oil Report - 2.3L Engine @ 2500 miles

    OP, thanks for taking a sample and sharing it! I typically sample every other oil change on my vehicles to keep an eye on how everything is wearing. The numbers on the "Elements in PPM" section show how much of each material was found in the oil. The far right column shows the averages that...
  13. Rendered Illustration of Ford Raptor

    Same here. I'd be shocked if they put the 3.5 in it.
  14. Mishimoto's Bronco 2.7 Catch Can R&D Thread

    Dual injection reduced carbon buildup in the intake runners and on the intake values due to oil/blowby making its way back into the intake tract. There are other downsides to that recycled blowby, like lowered octane and blowby gasses condensing and pooling in the intake. So even if the port...
  15. Jeep Gladiator vs Wildtrak Bronco test drive

    Yeah, I think that's why some people think diesels are fast - you get that punch right away but then there's nothing to back it up.
  16. Ultimate Black Diamond Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    Ford does a LOT of fucking around with power production, presumably to save transmissions and axles.
  17. Sell me your Door Bags! (On-Vehicle storage)

    Ford's part diagrams are obnoxious because they don't actually show the complete part number. The general format is Vehicle (4 chars) - Part type (4-6 chars) - Revision (1-2 chars). For example: the evap canister for a 2011 Edge is: 7T4Z-9D653-B And for a 2011 F150 it's: 9L3Z-9D653-C Note...
  18. Why didn't Ford give the 2 Door and 4 Door Bronco the same wheelbase?

    The entire existence of the Bronco is a marketing decision. Breakover angle has real world offroad benefits, as does a shorter wheelbase overall. So breakover performance is as much a "marketing" decision as was 35" tires or a good stereo or cool LED headlights or anything else that would make...
  19. Jeep Gladiator vs Wildtrak Bronco test drive

    Diesels aren't fast. The 2.7 in the F150 is a full 1.5 seconds faster to 60 than the diesel Gladiator, and it's faster in the quarter, too. Diesels have a very narrow, torquey powerband, but they don't produce power. Power is speed. The numbers belie the performance. The Bronco is extremely...