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  1. How many MY2021 Broncos will be produced?

    that's the real $64,000 question. I've been doing all this guesswork to try and game out when I'll get my rig and that's the biggest/most important variable
  2. Room underhood of 2.7L for dual batteries and/or an ARB compressor?

    From what I've seen I'd say you'd at least have room for the compressor. That was the location I was planning on going with, so when I checked it out in person I was looking through that lens
  3. Why is the BB so much more than the Base?

    Welcome to Market Segmentation 101. Sure, the differences between Base and BB are somewhat superficial, but the marketing team at Ford are no dummies. If you want X option well shucks, looks like that's only available on Y trim. I would love 4A and the 360 camera, but I can live without them...
  4. Ford will start shipping new MIC hardtops, Broncos this week! 🚛

    that's an interesting possibility, but from what I understand calling it "MIC 2.0" is a little misleading. I thought there were some modifications to the existing tooling and changes to processing, but obviously I'm no expert
  5. Order number curve

    When I converted my order I was told I was very comfortably a '22, so I took that to mean 2nd quarter. Seems like that would still hold, even despite the various delays, but commodity constraints have rendered all this tea leaf reading a little murky
  6. Order number curve

    late October rez here, so I'm curious about this as well
  7. 2022 Bronco Colors Details Tonight @ 7:30pm Eastern

    Ah but you have to adopt the Bronco Rez Holder Mindset ©
  8. 🏁🏁Rebelle Rally Broncos and Teams 🏁🏁

    damn those liveries look awesome. still a sucker for the red R in the grille
  9. Trying to laugh about it - Anyone taking bets on another Friday 3pm email?

    Can't snatch defeat from the jaws of victory without shooting yourself in the foot Edited to add: yes that was the case, so whatever. I'm not in PR so what do I know
  10. Trying to laugh about it - Anyone taking bets on another Friday 3pm email?

    PR 101: Bad news always comes on Fridays after the markets close
  11. Analog HD _ / / 2021+ Bronco wheel thread - Specs

    been eyeing a set of these for whenever I actually get my Bronco. What are the odds these will be available in bronze? I know these go pretty hard into the retro-mod aesthetic and that bronze wheels are a much more modern look, but I can't help but think it'll look tight paired with A51
  12. Bronco stl files, CAD files? I've used this site for high quality models in the past. Obviously there's a little bit of a premium, but like anything else, you get what you pay for
  13. Webasto May Open Second Facility to Help Meet Bronco Hard Top Demand

    Exactly what I was gonna say. Even if this mythical company started today with a blank check and the absolute best in the business molding engineers and sourcing gurus they still wouldn't catch up to Webasto fixing their issues. Every armchair tooling engineer on here loves to bag on Webasto...
  14. Dealer Won't Share My Spot or Allocation #s

    Every time I've asked that specifically they've danced around answering. I'm a pretty late rez (10/27) so I'm just happy to be a 19 priority code under the assumption that I'll almost definitely be a '22
  15. Colorado Build Dates

    I've slow-rolled a couple of times. I've seen a SAS 2dr and a non-SAS 4dr, both Base, parked outside. Week days seem to be more likely, I'd guess they park them indoors outside of business hours
  16. Colorado Build Dates

    There's a Roush office in Arvada/Wheat Ridge that has a couple of examples that they occasionally park outside if you want to creep by and see them in person
  17. Sound Deadening Headliner Shedding

    Gotta give the hens something to cluck about