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  1. Race Red Bronco vs Punk’n Jeep Gladiator

    Ahh i spotted this in troy today too
  2. Michigan Swap | My Black Diamond Grille For Badlands

    I’m also in SE MI hoping for a 21 BD delivery.. I like the grill openings but will be plastidipping it Bronze+metallizer. It’s a fairly cheap and reversible mod if I don’t like it. If you’re interested in going that route we could coordinate when I paint it.
  3. Possible to integrate a trailer Cam into the existing SYNC4?

    I’ve also been curious about this. Sub’d for more info
  4. What # out of # are you in your dealer's allocation?

    Dealers in my area have 60-80 allocation, double to triple that in orders. I was told from my dealer that most of the orders were spec’d out but my bare bones build should get filled in 21
  5. California Think I will get a cease & desist for this?

    Barbie had a jeep...
  6. Switched from Leather to MGV!

    Unless it’s one of those lazy boy luxury lumbar support fluffer fancy european car seats.. manual seats are A-OK in my book. And you can still have heated seats if you want. And it weighs less. Mgv for the win
  7. Running Wiring From the Roof Rack to the Interior?

    If you want those antennae in the rear of your rack you could bring the wiring down the c pillar into the aux E wire of passenger rear panel. May require a hole/plug kit for the roof and weatherproofing thereafter.
  8. 2.3 with oem power pack tune??

    First chart is the dynojet difference between 87 and 93 octane in a 2.3 Mustang. The second chart is the purported ford performance power pack gains in ranger. I am low-key excited to use regular gas again after 15 years, but of course would do premium if i got the ffp tune.
  9. Aftermarket Moab Concepts Builds — Narrated Video of Parts

    Hello all, I know most of you have already seen the unveiling of various bronco builds by ARB, RTR, and 4WP. Here is narrated video (not mine). Hope this helps keep you continue daydreaming about your builds! Cheers
  10. Gadget dash bar / accessories rail availability?

    It’s the width for Picatinny but it looks like the center cut outs are M-lok compatible. It doesnt have the divider ridges like pic rails. Heck, lets just call it the Dash Accessory Rail
  11. Cactus Gray Bronco First Edition 4 Door - Friendly Ford Monroe, MI

    great pics thanks OP. was this there for an event or staying in the showroom? I may go down tomorrow and check it out. Really would love finding a manual bronco to get a feel for the seating/shifter position ergonomics for me
  12. Roof Rails. Can they be in place with the roof off?

    On the two door model, the front panel can come off only but the rear panel needs the rack removed. For the four-door version the front and middle panel can come off while retaining the rack. The rack needs to be removed for taking off the rear panel
  13. Yakima Lock and Load rack question - how does it attach ?

    On the install diagram it shows the rack securing to the front and rear crossbar while skipping the middle, if I am interpreting that correctly. A notable implication for those that do not want to run the front crossbar. Shorter racks should be available after market for those that want to keep...