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  1. I broke my Bronco Top! Smashed my soft top into garage wall

    I took it to a Fab Shop and they used epoxy and bondo glass to fix it. They did a great job. Ford only offered the entire mechanical top as the smallest part I could order. $4,300. It's crazy. This happens on Jeeps all the time I found out. Best top, out of Colorado makes the soft top for...
  2. Bronco Sport rolls off Black Bear Pass

    I'm not sure staying in the vehicle with a seat belt would have been without injury either! Just Wow....
  3. Perimeter Alarm? Is it a myth or real?
  4. Perimeter Alarm? Is it a myth or real?
  5. Perimeter Alarm? Is it a myth or real?

    Your Ford reward points could make it free.
  6. Percentage of users that really need Badlands? (edit correction)

    Way to revive the thread. Yeah we have our Badlands because I may never use it but knowing it's there was worth it. Kind of the same thing on airbags, we went ahead and left those in as well. LOL
  7. Anyone ask their dealer if they could leave the Bronco badge off?

    Agreed, my stickers were accompanied by stabilizer disconnect, locking upgraded diffs, different wheels and tuned shocks. With the Badlands sticker package, there's a lot included. 😄
  8. Couldn't wait for my build any longer. Managed to snag a 4 door Badlands off the lot.

    Congrats! 2.3,2.7 whatever, it's plenty! We can all trade ours for the 5.0 coyote when it drops! Beautiful rig!
  9. Barrett Jackson 2021 Bronco $165,000 !!

    And we're proud of it !!!
  10. Barrett Jackson 2021 Bronco $165,000 !!

    I'll start the bidding at 62,000 do I hear 63.......
  11. Change to badland or stick with my outer banks?

    I had a First Edition Reservation, switched to Badlands, I thought I was going to miss carpet, leather, etc;. We love the MGV and the washout floors, not at all worried about getting dirty. Either way, nice rigs. Badlands with lockers, and it's Sasquatch minus the Tires. We got ours at $52k...
  12. Colorado maiden voyage for a Black Diamond Bronco

    Love that soft top down look!
  13. We Can Thank Pilson Auto Centers For Excessive Dealer Markups

    Report? No, direct feedback is more Bronco like.
  14. We Can Thank Pilson Auto Centers For Excessive Dealer Markups

    Hey Monster, let's leave the 'Facebook' incivility to FB. We're better than that for sure!
  15. We Can Thank Pilson Auto Centers For Excessive Dealer Markups

    Off topic, head gaskets were also an issue.
  16. We Can Thank Pilson Auto Centers For Excessive Dealer Markups

    No difference from IPhone, XBox, Switch, Etc. You wanna pay out the nose for a 6-8 month early delivery, go for it. I'll wait until the supply is there and the next version comes out and get what I want. Look at all the yahoos spending way to much for the Jeep with a bed when it first came...
  17. Newly Produced Broncos Being Shipped with MIC Top 2.0 Ahead of "Dirt Mountain" Replacements?

    New builds and replacement tips are two separate lines. Staffed separate and one does not affect the other. Their is completely different training and procedures along with tools that aren't tethered to the production line assembly station. New builds have zero effect on changing MIC.
  18. How Should Ford Handle Discounted Accessory Hard Tops?

    Totally agree. Was A Painted Hard top FE, but when the paint went to Grey, I went to Badlands Soft top. We are absolutely surprised how much we love the Soft top. Would have never ordered one if not for the constraints. Completely amplifies the Bronco Experience for us.
  19. [Updated With Outcome in Part 2 Video] Dealer marks up former employee's Bronco by $10k

    It's important people negotiate in writing ahead of time and get everything written down. We can save us from ourselves if we don't seek out others advice. If they've had a relationship with the dealer for 20 years, they probably have paid higher than MSRP in the past for hard to get...