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  1. Best way to Protect a Bronco's Windshield?

    When I was at the off roadeo they guy mentioned they replaced 8 windshields so far lol A friend owns a 4 door bronco and already replaced windshield from crack after a month. It will happen so I would say best thing is to call insurance and make sure it's cheap to replace... If not what I did...
  2. Not your average ordinary manual transmission (2.3 MT)

    Must have never driven an automatic focus from 2014-2018 lol
  3. Bronco Tracker Down?

    Is everyone tracker still down? Mine is showing some strange cannot connect message yesterday and today when I try
  4. Husky Weatherbeater liners installed (with pics)

    I've had weather tech in my F150 and they didn't fit well and seemed floppy. Had Husky liners in my WRX and they fit perfect and I liked them better so I second your opinion.
  5. Ford engineers should just stop and ask why? It’s not hard.

    This is the same for every car I've owned. They all rolled down but not up with the fob. Not sure why other than safety if you aren't looking at the car and your kid has his big head in the window they don't want you to cut it off accidentally
  6. 2.3L Bronco Engine Oil Change How-To DIY Video

    I'm kind of sad the "Alright counter" was inaccurate:cry:
  7. I just saw this!!!!!! Why?????

    Because they can. Luckily we live in a free country and can modify how we want. No matter how bad the modifications are
  8. Brand new bronco overheated today [Updated 8/19]

    Have a newer 4runner..... They stall from faulty low pressure fuel pump..... Getting it replaced next week. Good luck though
  9. Curious Why it Seems so Many People Want a Manual Trans?

    Manual trans are better in snowy conditions too since complete control over gear and rpm. And I don't drive anywhere with traffic so I have fun shifting gears since all country roads. YMMV
  10. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Same here. Hopefully we are on the “built” and not the still waiting for production side to get it sooner
  11. If you find yourself in rural IN check out the EB Bronco Mural

    We need an Illinois and Indiana bronco event! (And we can even allow Michigan in too lol)
  12. Broncos stored as far as one can see @ Wayne, MI 🔭

    I didn’t realize they were putting an off roadeo in Detroit
  13. High Resolution Bronco Digital Print with your State / Province / Country Flag ***FREE***

    You are getting Illinois confused with Chicago 🤪 lol
  14. Overland Green Confirmed For 2022 Bronco?

    This painted soap dish came from Facebook…. Must be true!!
  15. [Bronco Lot Video] Looking For Yours Stuck in Limbo?

    I think this is the most logical reason and the facts check out so I’m going with this one. :LOL:
  16. Hot Wheels Bronco - There are two

    My guess is there are 10 Broncos in this edition…. Lol
  17. Poster Frame

    Some of you are smarter than me…. I just got a cheap 11x17 frame and shaved a half inch off the poster:rolleyes:
  18. 2023 6th gen 4Runner - New Video, Renders & Insight (redesign - not refresh)

    So any hopes for a non fake hood scoop? Lol
  19. Maverick being built before Bronco

    Kind of like the bronco sport… only the USA plants having backlog. Mexico plant where this is built is going to crank them all out fast with great quality I’m sure.