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  1. $500 Deposit on

    Yes they are in this situation otherwise they wouldn't be running into the part where it shows that it is requiring him to make it 500 to 1,0009 deposit as well as the part where some dealers are marking up above MSRP
  2. $500 Deposit on

    Then why don't you explain it to use GENIUS?
  3. 🛠 Official 2021+ Bronco Equipment Installation Guide [PDF]

    What is the source of that document? PDF files are a great way to get trojans and viruses into your computer. Be sure and scan before opening
  4. Addictive Desert Designs (ADD): Stealth Fighter Bumper for 2021+ Bronco

    There isn't that much steel in that bumper. Once the design is finalized the parts can be cut out with a plasma cam, then all you need is a welder. Way overpriced but for the guys that paid 10-15k over MSRP for their Bronco they can buy one.
  5. Warn Elite Front Bumper - best option if you have a front camera

    Front skid plate required or does the Badlands skids cover that area?
  6. Warn Elite Front Bumper - best option if you have a front camera

    Found it. .
  7. Warn Elite Front Bumper - best option if you have a front camera

    Who is Warren? Do you mean the Warn bumper that I posted the link too? Can't read your order as it's too small
  8. Warn Elite Front Bumper - best option if you have a front camera

    The 4WP bumper will block the front camera. That is my only concern. I don't care about the sensors
  9. Warn Elite Front Bumper - best option if you have a front camera

    This looks like the best option if you have a front camera. Without the grill guard and by moving the winch control box we should get the best front view possible. Also with 12k lbs capacity should be able to use a tow bar...
  10. Is a class action lawsuit in order?

    Shove your stupid law suit. Everyone today is sue happy. Wonder why doctors and everybody else have such high prices? Because they have to carry liability insurance with huge values
  11. [TFL] Ram TRX vs. Ford Bronco vs. Can-Am Maverick: One of These Is By Far the Most Fun & Capable!

    I have three SxS's and am waiting on a Bronco. I know the SxS is more capable on the trails but the video was still fun to watch
  12. 2022 hard top and bumper?

    Thanks. I guess I will stick with the standard bumper on the BL and see if someone makes a winch kit for it. If I go with the modular I know that I could remote the control box on a Warn or Smittybilt which would help the front view
  13. 2022 hard top and bumper?

    Any other thoughts on whether I should order the hard top or not? By the time my reservation becomes and order I would think the hard top should be available? Still looking for thoughts on the bumpers as well. Which will work with a winch that doesn't block the front camera? Or get the default...
  14. Off-Roading Bronco Badlands - Learn from my wheeling mistakes!

    And you expect some bozo at the dealership to do a better job? Nope, I do all I can myself as that's the only way to get it done the way I want it.
  15. Real-Life MPG Thread - Report your MPG here.

    What speed do you drive? Big difference between 70 and 80 fuel economy
  16. Why buy accessories now?

    Tires have a date code so I am not buying them and having them sit around. If you keep them in your shop and weld around them the UV will break down the rubber as will the sun..
  17. 2022 hard top and bumper?

    I think you have to have an order not a reservation to get any kind of price protection from the bumper change and price increase?