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  1. 2-Door Bronco vs 2-Door Defender Comparison Review Video by Edmunds

    Defenders are supposed to topless manuals. At least Ford got that right with the Bronco
  2. New Katzkin leather for the 2021+ Bronco!!

    I think velocity blue with saddle brown seats would look great and I normally don’t go for brown leather. Reminds me of ARods early Bronco
  3. Aftermarket Racks installed

    This is a great solution for carrying a yak and/or surf rods without the top. Was looking for something like this !
  4. Engine 2.3l or 2.7l? Is the upgrade worth it?

    Same here. Manual more important to me than the bigger engine(which isn’t much bigger) I would have paid a premium for manual Sasquatch 2.7
  5. Jumping Ship? - What's Your Plan B Vehicle Purchase?

    Awesome but Toyota should make these with removable tops and manual transmissions again. I wouldn’t even care about a Bronco if they did!
  6. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    As wheels got bigger over the years, the switch to black made them look less huge, as well as looking good on lighter car colors like white which became more popular. Then , euros and exotics embraced it and it was on. They don’t show brake dust as much which is a bonus. I personally never...
  7. Jumping Ship? - What's Your Plan B Vehicle Purchase?

    plan B is not an SUV or truck. I really just want a Bronco 2 door Mansquatch. If I can’t get one, would probably end up in new Z, used Mustang GT PP2 or GT350, M4, M2 or something similar. I’ve wanted a GTR since 2009 but the prices have just skyrocketed.
  8. Granger Ford -2022 Bronco Allocation - No one said it was going to be easy

    I’m still in for now waiting on a mansquatch but I may be tempted to get a used 2dr manual badlands if one shows up at a reasonable price in the meantime
  9. Katzkin diamond stitch leather seats in Hauk Designs Bronco

    I would lose the diamond pattern but otherwise great option!
  10. [Updated With Outcome in Part 2 Video] Dealer marks up former employee's Bronco by $10k

    People need to resist the impulse and walk away from these shady deals and post negative reviews, tell family and friends not to buy from that particular dealer or whatever it takes to show them it’s crappy business practice to jack up prices like that. That goes for basically any industry that...
  11. Used 2021 Bronco First Edition Sold For $126,500 at Auction

    I feel the same way about paying $60k for a Bronco. It’s a cool rig but @ $40k ish.
  12. No more Manual Transmission Broncos at the Austin Off-Roadeo

    I would think that with the crawl gear this would be less of an issue. When I learned to drive manual, I was told to keep my foot off the clutch pedal unless actually shifting. Pretend it’s red hot and will melt through your shoe and burn your foot. Get in gear and get your foot off it. This...
  13. Bronco Production to Be Limited in 2022

    poor folk don’t put half down on a car😀 im waiting too. Might be 2025 before we see a Basemansquatch!
  14. Outer Banks Sasquatch Delivered! First impressions

    Nice Sasquatch…..I guess kids don’t start with beaters anymore
  15. nearly 20k mark up ON BASE at local dealer (link included)

    I believe in a free market but at the same time Fk these dealers and the whole damn auto sales industry. It’s like the only thing left we buy that’s basically a street corner hustle. See how much they can get you for. You go lower. They get their manager. Hours of BS to buy a car. I want to...
  16. What kind of deal would you ask for if buying a dealer loaner Bronco?

    Yes whenever Mansquatch is available. I made a reservation with Granger For no nonsense with MSRP or ADM
  17. What kind of deal would you ask for if buying a dealer loaner Bronco?

    I have never and will never spend MSRP on a vehicle. ADM is a rip off. $10k-$20k ADM?? !! Lol. You gotta have some self control and walk away. The Bronco will be rental car status in a year or two. It’s NOT a special or limited car.
  18. Eruption Green Bronco Outer Banks spotted at MN State fair

    I’m not sure about EG but a brown or tan interior definitely goes well with the green👍
  19. First 2021 Bronco solid front axle (SFA) swap + 40's!

    Surprised by the amount of dislike for this on here. Sure it’s excessive but I say go for it! I wouldn’t do it to my future Bronco A lot of cars corner like old Ferrari’s these days. Not a Bronco though haha
  20. Base Bronco Shawty Build Featuring 35’s by Hypebeast Dad

    Looks great. Gray and Bronze nice combo!