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  1. When the unthinkable happens - Bronco damaged at MAP

    How does this happen? Was toonces the cat driving again?
  2. Clicking noise after Bronco is not running

    This might sound crazy but lock your Bronco (or any modern car) even if it's in the garage. My Subaru battery will drain within 2-3 days without use if I park it in the garage and don't lock the doors.
  3. First Edition w/40 miles asking price $102,695!

    well said by your standards maybe but I feel his salty attitude is really unnecessary. no one is disputing a dealers right to charge market value for any of their vehicles. i simply posted this to ask who would pay this much and start a friendly discussion.
  4. First Edition w/40 miles asking price $102,695!

    I went to the Mullinax site and searched for Ford Bronco. I saw it this morning so I'd be surprised if they took it down already.
  5. 🚨Eruption Green 2-door Bronco Badlands spotted on the move 💚

    I love that color. Really fits the two door well with the black trim. Great look for the Bronco.
  6. First Edition w/40 miles asking price $102,695!

    OMG! What are they smoking?!?!
  7. First Edition w/40 miles asking price $102,695!

    WHO IS WILLING TO PAY THIS MUCH FOR A FIRST EDITION BRONCO?!?!? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Listed with 40 only miles. Am I alone to think that this is crazy?! Has anyone else seen one priced this high?
  8. My Bronco arrived at the dealership.... but delivery hold due to airbag recall

    Is my airbag affected with these dates? Production date is 7/1 but I don't know if that's accurate. "etaStartDate":"2021-07-21","etaEndDate":"2021-07-27","productionDate":"2021-07-01"
  9. Custom color painted my Bronco and added lift plus new shoes - Toyos & Methods !

    Prepare to hear for the rest of your life "is that Cactus Gray?"
  10. From Dirt Mountain to Driveway - Hang In There

    Wow that is really nice. I ordered a two door in the same color. My build date was 7/1 so I'm hoping it arrives this month.
  11. Here are the Bronco Build & Tracking links

    The date on my window sticker changes every week. I don't know why that happens.
  12. From Dirt Mountain to Driveway - Hang In There

    Did you get any emails after Sept 23rd telling you that your Bronco was completed and being sent to your dealership or were surprised to hear it had arrived without warning?
  13. 6/30 blend dates

    I used your link with my VIN and see that ABS OCSM PSCM RCM were last checked on 9/25 I would assume this means that my Bronco has left the holding lot?
  14. Dirt Mountain released WILDTRAK with MIC Top 2.0 -- build date 6/28/21 arrived TODAY!!! 9/29/21

    nice, maybe I'm not far behind with a 7/1 build date.
  15. ***DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    I'm wondering the same thing since I've been in production since 7/1 and got the email last week saying "this month"
  16. Dealer sold another customers bronco

    How long ago did that show up at your dealer? Did you get an email that it shipped before it arrived? I'm still waiting for my two door that's been in production since 7/1.
  17. What trim did you reserve, what options do you want to get?

    Antimatter Blue Two Door Big Bend 2.7L w/SAS Cloth gray/black seats Mid package tube step floor liners aux switches led signature lighting Blend date was 06/30 Status: In production since 07/01 Would be nice to see it before I'm too old to get in it.
  18. Dealer sold another customers bronco

    Did they not see the green window sticker showing it was a custom order? I would be contacting Ford corporate over this.
  19. 6/30 blend dates

    I also have a 0630 blend date. My tracker status has been "in production" since 7/1. Hopefully something changes for me soon. Two Door Big Bend 2.7L w/SAS
  20. Buying without test driving

    I haven't test driven one because I did early reservation but I will be allowed to test drive my build when it arrives at the dealer before I buy it. If I don't want it the dealer will refund my $100 and sell it to someone else with a $10,000 market adjustment.