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  1. Dealer with nice Bronco Parts section. With discounts!

    Yeah, obviously its not an obligation they have to do. I just don't understand why they wouldn't.
  2. Dealer with nice Bronco Parts section. With discounts!

    True and you are right. I ended up pricing their stuff out and printed it. I then took it to my local Dealer who price matched it and was able to use my points anyway.
  3. Dealer with nice Bronco Parts section. With discounts!

    Great prices but don't dare ask to use Fordpass points.. They will scald you and tell you how cheap they are.
  4. Bronco Safety Rating?

    The crash bars are high strength steel bars that prevent the tire/wheel intrusion into the footwell area of the passenger compartment. Crash bars are especially important when it comes to the small overlap test as the tire and wheel seem to transfer a lot of energy in that type of crash.
  5. New 2022 paint colors - for Sport

    Still doesn't make sense. That Touch up site is a little wonky, but it is kinda interesting. Only some of these are for the Bronco Sport. The rest are either nothing or good news .See the Bronco Sport '22 order guide-
  6. Get a Bronco Sport and then trade it for the "real" Bronco?

    Which is strange because if you compare the two on paper, the Bronco sport is larger in every metric. I only know because I was forced to cross shop the two.
  7. Get a Bronco Sport and then trade it for the "real" Bronco?

    I ordered an A51 Badlands Sport last Oct, finally got it in April and really am happy with it - as a holdover vehicle-. It does everything I want it to on fire roads in the mountains here , I don't ask too too much out of it. I have the optional Falken wildpeak AT3w's and with that and the...
  8. - My Orders and Reservations - Any updates?

    Reserved one 8/16, talked to dealer, converted via Ford email, dealer ordered. 8/17 during outage, Dealer calls me and says the order was cancelled and doesn't know why. Re-reserved and re-ordered 8/18. :confused:
  9. Ford (Mike Levine) hints Build & Price going live October 23

    Especially when you can add one option and spend enough to buy two base broncos.
  10. Adaptive (ACC) with 7-speed?

    It will be, it is on the mustang w/ the manual trans and there are a few threads mentioning this exact topic but it may be difficult to find.
  11. What’s your bronco backup plan?

    Probably an Explorer ST.
  12. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    That’s true. Value, about 45 bucks a year.
  13. So interesting information from a dealer about build and price

    Come to think of it, the unveiling of the Bronco during the late cretaceous period doesn’t seem that long ago.
  14. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Do you know how many now? If not, when do you expect that?
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  16. Bad Reservation Date

    Same here.. reserved 10:30 EST on the 13th, got an Email where Ford says the 14th.. no big.
  17. Build & Price in Mid October (Says Detroit Free Press)

    He’s doing the job of a professional agitator.
  18. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Other food for thought- is that when you do that scenario you just mentioned re: taxes out of state... A dealer uses a third party courier to complete that task and it definitely costs the dealer for that service (used to be like $175). I don’t know many loan companies that would allow you to...