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  1. Wiring aftermarket interior lighting to work with factory lights?

    Id be shocked if they weren’t LED already? Seems like it should be here in 2021!
  2. Fog lamps for Modular Bumper?

    This was posted recently
  3. Dogs Getting In and Out

    I have something similar. Works well, but you have to lug it around if you're going anywhere. I used it when my Weim was a puppy, and expect to use it again once she's older.
  4. 📬 8/19 Scheduling Email Received Group

    Thankful to be checking in on one of these threads, finally! Lol 7/14 res BL/Sas/2.7/Lux/Tow. changed to soft top around June-ish
  5. Spotted a Rapid Red soft top yesterday in Seattle’s SLU waterfront

    That looks like Race Red?
  6. Spotted a Rapid Red soft top yesterday in Seattle’s SLU waterfront

    There it is! Yup, saw you driving towards Mercer. Rapid Red looks awesome! Even in all the smoke:ROFLMAO:
  7. Spotted a Rapid Red soft top yesterday in Seattle’s SLU waterfront

    Which one of you clowns was it? Wearing sailor costumes with the top down? looked great! I was in my M2, and waved, but you were all having too much fun
  8. [Doug Demuro Reviews] Ford Bronco Is the Hottest SUV of the Year

    Jeep owners be like… (Had to… this gif is just so versatile)
  9. Even the bolts for the bumper say Bronco!

    That’s a bolt ;) EDIT: Since I was the last post to register calling it a bolt, I’ll add some additional content. I was half expecting something along these lines…
  10. Anyone do a wrap in a matte color?

    These might be a good representation…
  11. Best reason yet to grab a MY21

    The flip side is that you get cancer from anything you touch there.
  12. Issue - MIC top popping / rattle sounds [TFL]

    Agree, that’s Ford’s job. I don’t care if it’s a $40k Bronco or a $60k one. Think of all the regular people NOT on B6G who are pleasantly surprised by these issues a week into ownership. Not a good look for the brand.
  13. Bronco does not have Lane Centering

    Especially with the Lux package. The radar is built in. Cameras aren’t that expensive either. The point about not including a kind of drive by wire steering hardware seems reasonable for not having this. The I DrIvE MySeLf Luddites can pick the cheaper packages or get a Roxor or RZR or something.
  14. *UPDATE* What NOT TO DO when reinstalling doors. PSA: put a bolt in first or risk dent

    lol! Don’t forget the rubber piping and blue painter’s tape from the Ford accessories catalog!
  15. Full PPF wrapped my entire Bronco First Edition !

    this. Although I feel ceramic coating will not add like 1-2, more along 0.5-1 IME. Great thing about PPF is that letting the car sit in the sun or taking a heat gun to it will “heal” surface scratches and take off etched in bird poo
  16. Full PPF wrapped my entire Bronco First Edition !

    i had someone back into my car a few years ago. I showed them the invoice for the PPF and insurance covered replacing the PPF on the new panel