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  1. 👨🏻‍💻 2022 Build & Price Is Up!

    Spoke to my dealer this morning. The guy told me that, while I was free to come in today to chat and re-build my ‘22, he can’t do anything with it in terms of ordering until oct 26th. Does that jive with what anyone else has heard?
  2. Maxlider Style First Edition Bronco build delivered

    Gorgeous. Thank you for posting. Allocation fiasco had me thinking about maybe possibly just getting a Ram 1500 instead, but this snapped me out of it.
  3. Granger Ford -2022 Bronco Allocation - No one said it was going to be easy

    I wish more dealerships (or any business, really) displayed this sort of integrity. Respect.
  4. My Bronco coming down the factory line pictures! - Thanks Ford & Jim Farley!

    What a great post! She’s a beaut!!!!!
  5. Wasn’t planning on financing, but…

    Sorry to hear it, man. Really sucks about the bronco money (and everything else!), but thank god you had been saving! It’s certainly not what you wanted to spend the money on, but imagine if you didn’t have it put aside. You did yourself quite a favor. Cars come and go, but this could have been...
  6. My Bronco arrived damaged. It tried to buck its way out of the train transport last week. 😖

    No, you’re right. This was a job well done. “Take these things over there and don’t break them.” Nailed it.
  7. My Bronco arrived damaged. It tried to buck its way out of the train transport last week. 😖

    Not really interested in how many mistakes were made. One or fifty, it was enough to fail the job.
  8. Anyone else disappointed to get scheduled for 21?

    I get it. I was initially bummed about being shunted to ‘22, but I’ve talked myself into it now. Plus the wife sat in a wildtrak since I placed my order and has insisted that we squatch our badlands when we re-order.
  9. Icon Alloys Rebound Pro wheels mated w/ 35” Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3 tires on Bronco Badlands

    Taking the scenic route to the mall, I see! Nice work and awesome shots! Thanks for posting!
  10. Matte Green Wrapped 2021 Bronco

    This is the green that would have pulled me away from A51. Alas.
  11. Ford begins sending Hardtop Replacement emails to Bronco customers today

    Yeesh… Kinda seeing why Ford isn’t tripping over themselves rushing to talk to us.
  12. Velocity Blue with Ridergraphix Retro White 'Special Decor" Style Stripes!! [Paired with white painted roof]

    Best stripes I’ve seen. Looks amazing with velocity blue.
  13. Wife not impressed - dream may be dead

    Condolences. I managed to find a wildtrak to show to the wife. She then insisted we add sas to our BL order. 4Runner is a good-looking ride, imo. If they’d update the interior, I’d consider it a contender.
  14. Another example of Bronco price gouging

    So if I was super rich and I wanted a car I couldn’t find because of supply constraints, and I walked up to a guy in his driveway and offered him 10k more than he paid for his… am I still the oppressor here, or did the working-class guy just exploit me by excessively benefiting from my labor...
  15. Kricket

    Cincinnati Bronco Club

    Kind of an old thread, but just thought I’d let you all know that The dealership over at kings automall in mason has a 4dr A51 wildtrak on display in their showroom (as of last weekend). I believe they also have a Cactus Gray BB available for test drives.
  16. Kricket

    Cincinnati Bronco Club

    Just found this group! Would love to meet some fellow enthusiasts in the area! Very much looking forward to getting down to Red River Gorge and the KAT once I get my bronco and need folks to run with! Lived on both east and west side, now up in West Chester/Liberty Twp. Jan ‘21 reservation...