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  1. After Market options for the Aux Switches

    I have been watching posts on that but everyone has been indicating it was not possible. We have not see confirmation that the harness connector is there to buy the factory switch and replacement plate to install it. Have you done this?
  2. After Market options for the Aux Switches

    For sure been see more and more. Can’t wait.
  3. After Market options for the Aux Switches

    Has anyone ran across or know of any company working on a after market option for Aux Switches for those who do not have the Ford factory install switches? Possible pillar or even better someone possibly making something to add to the above console? I was hoping Rough Country would have...
  4. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    They have them separate now for $200
  5. Canonman11

    Tampa Bay Area Bronco Club

    @Offroad Otaku if it looks good why not. Everyone loves to brag about their rig. 35’s are on order and can’t wait to change it out. Lol
  6. Installing overhead aux switches after sales?

    I would hope there might be some way to get them installed down the road? Not the news everyone was looking for but thanks for the effort. Was this confirmed by Ford?
  7. Canonman11

    Tampa Bay Area Bronco Club

    Good Luck on getting 35’s no one has much in inventory. I was at 4wp and they totally messed up my order and ordered the wrong tires. Ended up cancelling and going elsewhere but at least picked up the Rough Country 2” leveling kit to get someone to put on. Anyone out there have some...
  8. Canonman11

    Tampa Bay Area Bronco Club

    Been waiting for some posts.
  9. Installing overhead aux switches after sales?

    I have not due to rain but hope to give it a try this weekend. Stay tuned.
  10. Installing overhead aux switches after sales?

    My Outer banks has a wiring harness through the truck. I just need to pop that top section down to verify the plug and then I will order the parts
  11. Installing overhead aux switches after sales?

    On your base Bronco did you see the wires in the engine area. On my outer banks I am seeing all the wiring through the truck I just need to verify where you did? Was the top piece easy to pop down I need to verify mine since I see wiring.
  12. LED Security Light Option

    Does anyone know where this plugs into the screen unit? It’s suppose to mount in dash somewhere? Have not seen anyone with this. any suggestions
  13. SUCCESS: First Installed Bronco Bestop Bimini Sun Shade - Pics, Installation Notes, Impressions

    You flip back the front and your standard top closes with it still on works well just installed one tonight.
  14. New Soft Top Option For Bronco 2-Door Showing in B&P?

    I just got the Bestop Bikini mess top and it is awesome and can work with the standard soft top. Paid $289.00 from bestop direct for the 4 door version.
  15. What Bronco swag gifts has your dealer sent you?

    My dealer sent nothing but took everything over MSRP!! Go Ford!! Way to show the love for us dedicated buyers. They should be consistent if they do things like that.
  16. 🏄‍♂️ BRONCO RIPTIDE concept build features prototype front steel bumper, Bimini top, tube doors, bike rack, crossbars, RIGID lights

    Sorry you are correct they only had the mess one. I was looking at the slant back top. Sorry about that.
  17. Auto Start-Stop Eliminator for Bronco is now available

    This looks like a great option and ordered it last night. Will do a review once I get it in.
  18. Canonman11

    Tampa Bay Area Bronco Club

    Yep that was me. Ouch. But it is sure nice to have.