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  1. 🛠 10/4 build week group

    Picked her up today. 10/7 blend. Shipped and delivered 10/13. As you can see my dealer wasn’t too far from the factory
  2. Cyber Orange remorse?

    Lol I’m not sure what your height and weight have to do with this decision
  3. 🛠 10/4 build week group

    Got a built notification on 10/8 and just got my modules populated this morning! Anyone know what Shipped section of my pizza tracker means by 04 days? Will it be shipped 10/12? Been this way since I got the built email
  4. 🛠 10/4 build week group

    Got the built notification this morning (oct 7 blend). Says shipment to the dealer will be between Oct 14-20. Dealer located in Detroit so I’m expecting sooner than later lol
  5. Best Tire Set up for Snow

    I’m hoping some people chime in on this. Debating if it’s worth it to downsize snow tires away from the stock SAS size. Even if they are Nokian tires, is a 315/70/17 really a great choice for a dedicated snow tire?
  6. Best Tire Set up for Snow

    I’m also looking at the Nokia Hakka LT3 for my base SAS. Debating on purchasing a set of base take offs and putting 285/75/16 LT3s on for the winter. I am in Northern MI so snow is a real concern with the stock SAS wheels. Anyone see a problem with this setup?
  7. Husky Liners Now Available! | Panda Motorworks

    Wow those look like a night and day improvement
  8. Update email on production.

    Got the email today bumping me up from October 11
  9. Installing overhead aux switches after sales?

    So it sounds like it could be possible to order the Aux switches separate and run wiring to connect everything but it would be a lot of work? Sorry trying to understand what’s been posted. Unfortunately my dealer forgot to add the switches to my order so I am trying to determine a solution.
  10. So I got a VIN…but for the wrong top

    It is antimatter blue which is playing a factor in rolling with it
  11. So I got a VIN…but for the wrong top

    Feb 21 reservation time stamp so I am completely surprised I got this email today and here’s why- I didn’t order a soft top. I specifically ordered a hard top for my climate (live in Northern MI). I called the dealer and they told me they changed my order to a soft top so I would get...
  12. 📬 9/2 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    I don’t know if I should be pisssd that the dealer changed my order to soft top without asking or stoked I just got a build date * Feb 21 reservation*
  13. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    Got my email today! Only thing is I didn’t order a soft top….Called the dealer and they said they changed my order to a soft top to get it scheduled. I guess I didn’t need to be involved in that decision at all… But **** it I’m driving that soft top Bronco through winter in Northern MI and going...
  14. Two door base, no stinking packages, crickets...

    Ah good point I forgot about. I was assuming 3.7 on the auto
  15. Two door base, no stinking packages, crickets...

    do you have any concerns about the gearing on the base running 33s?
  16. Superlite 50 hard shell RTT (roof top tent)

    Based on these pictures, it looks like the Superlite will fit a 2 dr Bronco pretty well (I believe Bronco has a longer roof than Jeep)
  17. Dealer Bronco event without invite

    At least for the recent events that have taken place around Detroit the last few days you can can sign up when you show up
  18. The elusive Bronco Base 4-door spotted (Shadow Black)

    100% I thought it would look goofy but seeing it in person completely changed my mind. Switching my build to 4 door base now.