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  1. Thinking about ordering a Rivian R1S...

    So, creating a business from ground up with true innovation, and bringing a product to the market that does not exist is cowardly? That one of the most American thing one can do. Tesla changed the industry, the minds of the entire world about EV. Rivian is taking a do or die approach to build a...
  2. Bronco vs Rivian R1T Pics!

    I am for R1T or R1S. Smaller package, and more on and off road capability.
  3. Who's ready to tap out?

    I tapped out and canceled my reservation. I realized, as exciting as the potential of the Bronco is, it is not the vehicle for me. The interior and the MIC are not for me, and the early production issues were the last drop in the bucket. I had been to the early dealer showings, I was...
  4. Same same but different… Rivian R1S

    Now we all know how that story unfolded for the Bronco, right? Very capable in many way without a doubt. However, you can find it in you to give some credit where it is due to a luxury SUV ;)
  5. Same same but different… Rivian R1S

    I think they read your post:
  6. Same same but different… Rivian R1S

    To reach that price for a Rivian, you must have clicked on every possible option. However, for a $35K Bronco, you must have picked none of the options :p Yes, Rivian is more expensive but has a lot more capabilities than the Bronco too. The value equation is different for everyone. Along the...
  7. Bronco vs. F-150 Raptor

    I am sure you are right, however, for me it is not the power but the utility part of it. The rear passenger space of the F150, Supercrew, is so large and usable in addition to the bed in the rear, it is beyond what I can do with an SUV. The power certainly a welcome bonus.
  8. Bronco vs. F-150 Raptor

    I wish! I am not that comfortable financially haha. The more I look into the Raptor, the more I like it. I test drove a Gen 2 recently, and it was surprisingly pleasant and fun, and far more easier to drive than I was expecting.

    Are there many different proven options on the market at this time for such kits?
  10. Behind The Scenes Tour of Bronco Production at MAP Factory

    Great story and coverage, well done!!! They certainly picked the right person for this. (y)
  11. Bronco vs. F-150 Raptor

    Such great perspectives, thank you all. Yes, in MD I can see how tough it may be to live with a Raptor. I can only afford a single vehicle at this time, has to do it all for me. I already have two Land Cruisers for various activities, but a Raptor or Bronco would be mine alone and not shared...
  12. Bronco vs. F-150 Raptor

    I know it should not be a comparison, fundamentally different vehicles for different purposes, but... I cannot help myself and consider the Raptor. My Badlands configuration is up to $60K, the Raptor configuration is up to $75K (staying conservative). The price difference is significant in...
  13. Anyone else feeling relaxed about their Bronco order?

    The later in 2022 the better IMHO. I am wondering what the next version will look like, in the meantime it is entertaining and wonderful to see all the excitement of people who are about to get their Bronco. Cannot wait to see and hear how things will turn out in the hands of actual owners.
  14. It seems Raptor B&P is going live tomorrow

    As a newbie on the topic of Raptor, I wonder if I am missing something, any help is appreciated. this new Raptor carries over the last generation engine and transmission apparently. It is essentially the same steel frame, not aluminum, but now has a five-link coil-spring rear setup, can be...
  15. Owners Manual for 2021 Bronco! [download here] 📖

    Obviously, I am guessing, since I have no idea what the 'programmers' are/were thinking with these things. There is obviously a significant difference between high-speed vs. high-speed depending on conditions. For example, if you are running across a desert at 60-100 mph with occasional...
  16. Owners Manual for 2021 Bronco! [download here] 📖

    I think that is a good idea, that might work. The issue might be that the throttle and brakes may be configured to be too progressive in sand mode. Thank you for the suggestion.
  17. Owners Manual for 2021 Bronco! [download here] 📖

    One good, one disappointing item in the manual for me. Disappointment (maybe I should have known about it already): 4A is not available with Baja mode. The way 4A works according to the manual is exactly what I need. So, I either have to choose between the stabilizer disconnect feature and the...
  18. Bronco Raptor / Warthog Video & Pics Show New Details and Camo Easter Egg 🦖

    What I find interesting is the orange cables. Cannot see them in these pictures. If there was a hybrid Bronco, battery power mated to a 2.7 or 3.5 engine, I'd put in a reservation immediately. The name "Thunderbolt" would fit so nicely to a hybrid or all electric Bronco :)
  19. Badlands vs Wildtrak Bronco Comparison Video

    Hello; I just would like to get some clarification, although I know I am knit-picking: The proper terminology for the front bar he mentions in the video should not be “stay bar,” but it is actually called either “anti-sway bar” or “anti-roll bar.” That bar’s purpose is to provide resistance to...
  20. Ryan Kennelly 4WP Introduction

    Thank you for your reply. I certainly agree of course. As it is with all racing, have to live within the rule book. My first take is to have a vehicle that provides the most advantage in the stock class, which limits modifications significantly. Beating Subarus, which are dominating the AWD...