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  1. TFL: 2021 Bronco vs Wrangler vs Defender - Off-Road Trail Comparison Video

    Yes, they had two previous new version Defenders that had problems right from the dealership. I saw that video a few months ago.
  2. The Jeep owners are mad

    Bumble Bee - please, brother, destroy me now. This is no life for an Autobot.
  3. Talk about Bronco price gouging 😱 [Update: vehicle is demo unit not for sale yet]

    Because states have laws that prohibit car manufacturers from cutting the dealers out of the equation. It's similar to how alcohol producers have to sell to wholesalers who then sell to retailers. The producers would love to cut out the middleman. Blame your state capital and all the leeches...
  4. What we’ve all been waiting for…. TFL Bronco Week

    I think a bit of it is a setup for conversation like on home hunter shows - but I agree, I really like the son’s commentary. and a huge shout out to Andrej - the dude from Eastern Europe (am I right?). I find his commentary to be very even handed and presented as a guy who cares about getting...
  5. What we’ve all been waiting for…. TFL Bronco Week

    TFL runs a series of YouTube channels as well as a website dedicated to reviewing cars, trucks, etc.They seem to have a big budget. Their geographic home base is is Colorado. They test towing ability by climbing some huge ass mountain passes. They run the electric cars on a similar route to...
  6. Ford offering $1000

    Explorer and Escape. You may have seen one or two of these on the road.
  7. Modified 2021 Bronco build shows up at Houston Auto Show

    I thought the hood was bronze. Looked like Iron Man to me.
  8. The gas shortage.

    40% of eastern capacity is like losing all the oil flow for a decent sized European country. That’s like shutting off ALL flow in Canada at the same time. I don’t think you’re giving enough credit for how many people live in the population area affected by this.
  9. Electric Bronco EV hinted by CEO Farley

    The Explorer Platinum had a hybrid option. I wasn’t a fan in my test drive and opted for the all-gasoline version. I kept feeling a shudder that I could not understand. Might have been nothing but I’m new to hybrids or EV. That hybrid had 300 HP I think, and lots of giddy-up off the light.
  10. Why all the hate on the OBX?

    In the end, that’s exactly what I did myself. I had to walk away from the Bronco because it wasn’t big enough inside for the fam. Just signed on an Explorer Platinum for about the same price.
  11. First SVT, now SRT.

    There are so many acronyms and abbreviations in there that I have no idea what the hell you intended to say.
  12. Video Demonstrated: Manual Front Seat Height and Rear Seat Recline Adjustment Range

    Big & Tall here - yep, I did both of those before I had to bail out on the Bronco. But at least I stayed inside Ford - I have signed the papers for an Explorer Platinum, taking delivery in 2-3 months. And then in the ironic department, the Explorer Timberline was announced today, two days...
  13. Ford now competing against itself

    I am the perfect example of that different audience. I had to give up on the Bronco when I saw it in person and realized that it would not fit my family needs. While I didn't get a Timberline, that's because it wasn't available two days ago. (Seriously?! SERIOUSLY?!) I will say that I was...
  14. Ford now competing against itself

    Hey guys, remember me? Not kidding, after abandoning my dreams of a Bronco after seeing it in NJ about a week ago, I gave up, did some shopping around, and signed on the papers for an Explorer Platinum on Monday night. And now this thing is announced today. FML...
  15. A word of warning to those who may not fully understand what they are getting into

    my son will - guaranteed 6 footer in 3 years. The question isn’t will he get to 6 feet - it’s when wil he stop past 6 feet? the whole family is tall, both sides, so there was no escaping it, I had to bail out
  16. What would be Plan B larger vehicle for a family hauler?

    FWIW, I backed out of my Bronco. I'm going to go see a Lexus RX350 tomorrow. (Second time, first was just for a fly-by, do-I-fit? visit.) I have realized that I need to abandon my hope of off-roading for now - family duties come first. But no reason that I cannot use the TBD new vehicle to...
  17. A word of warning to those who may not fully understand what they are getting into

    5-7? We call that snack sized in my family. I’m the little guy on both sides of the family. I was that tall in about 6th grade. The guys in my family are 6-3, 6-4 and 6-7. We need space. Funny how that happens. And our offspring needs space too. The seat is NOT all the way back. That’s the...
  18. A word of warning to those who may not fully understand what they are getting into

    I know, people are surprised that I’m out, and have asked to cancel my order. That’s me in the back seat of a badlands this week. while I am certainly a well-fed fellow nowadays, my bones haven’t grown since I was in my teens. I’m sitting behind myself, as I had asked people to do in various...
  19. A word of warning to those who may not fully understand what they are getting into

    pretty much WW2 was in full swing on the ground for the USA by 1943 2021 - 1943 = 78. Close enough. the Jeep Wrangler is clearly the descendant of vehicles used in WW2 made by Ford, Willys, etc. So yep, 80 years old.