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  1. We know no incentives, but favorable rates or lease terms?

    Ford has no reason to make the Bronco easier to purchase. Don't count on Ford finance for a good deal.
  2. What's in your driveway?

    A few fun cars in the garage, but this is usually the choice for twisty roads: GT3
  3. Front license plate mount options?

    Plate on front looks awful on any vehicle! Just leave it off. My cars have had no plates for years. Nothing at all on the front, and dealer plates on the back.
  4. I'll paint my own dam top: MOD vs MIC

    I think the biggest issue here is removing the texture to have a smooth paint finish. The labor alone for that would defeat any savings, and would still be difficult to achieve a straight and smooth surface.
  5. Will the Bronco Raptor will be 4 door only?

    Makes sense, because 4 door is the better choice. :)
  6. Would you be interested if Ford offered an option to watch your Bronco be built?

    Nope. What a waste of time for a run-of-the-mill vehicle. I'd watch an episode of How It's Made though.
  7. Getting Despondent

    Must be your first time ordering a "special" vehicle. If you really want it, you'll just wait for the day it shows up. This is normal.
  8. Thoughts on Ford Pass Rewards Credit Card?

    I got the Ford CC after getting the Raptor last year. Started with a $25k limit and some points. Got a couple hundred $ back from hitting certain spending targets, and a bunch of points after dealer maintenance visits. In my opinion it is not very clear what value the points have, what they can...
  9. What age spectrum do we have here reserving / ordering these sweet Broncos ?

    Mid 30s here. This is just another option to have in the garage.
  10. Bronco vs. F-150 Raptor

    You're right, totally different vehicles. Get both! My 2020 Raptor 4dr is fantastic, and if I didn't have it already I would definitely get the 37" model. Having a spacious back seat and ability to carry larger items in the bed is great. Once my Bronco arrives it may become the daily driver...
  11. Good bye bronco

    Because Tacoma dorks wish they had a Raptor or Bronco to put on the rooftop tent and Maxtrax they never use.
  12. Good bye bronco

    Dumb. Toyota makes great commuter cars, but Tacomas and Tundras are lame. Get a Raptor.
  13. Towing Capacity - Upgradable? Can it haul a car?

    The new Bronco is not a tow vehicle. Towing the rally car in a 24' enclosed trailer with my 2018 F350 diesel from Pasadena to Glen Helen, Ridgecrest, Gorman has been effortless. Wouldn't try it even with an open trailer on my Raptor, much less something with a little 2.3L or 2.7L engine.
  14. Brake size upgraded with Sasquatch?

    Interesting how pedal feel and stopping power will compare between models with the smallest tires and those with the largest. Stopping with 37's might be awful on stock brakes!
  15. 2021 Raptor’s Power Specs Leaked in Towing Guide

    If the R has 700+ hp with the V8 then I'm ready to add one next to my 2020 Raptor. Even with Cobb tune adding a bit of torque over stock, the V6 just doesn't have the response or top end power to feel right. A 5.0 V8 twin turbo would be great!
  16. My wife saw a Defender and liked it...oh boy...

    Yes, about twice the price but twice as nice!
  17. Bronco on-road handling ?

    Yes Raptor handling is terrible, but comfort is ok. 2 different things. Soft suspension, squishy tire sidewalls, and solid axle will do that.
  18. My wife saw a Defender and liked it...oh boy...

    If it weren't for all of the reviews on poor reliability, I'd have a new Defender in the garage. Looks great, drives well, and excellent capability in dirt. Since many Bronco buyers will rarely/never plan to go off-road, look at a new Macan S/GTS/Turbo or a Cayenne. Macans are fantastic on the...
  19. Why I switched to the 2.3L over the 2.7L...

    Choosing a smaller engine because you mistakenly believe Ford didn't do proper transmission testing is absurdly silly. Knowing that the 3.5TT in my Raptor is barely ok, the 2.7 in my Wildtrak really makes me wonder how it will do fully loaded on the highway or sand/mud.