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  1. Christmas Tree transporting with soft top

    Youtube to the rescue. Surprise product website is dead.
  2. Christmas Tree transporting with soft top

    Put that hammock to use.
  3. Surprise Bronco Reveal For Wife Acknowledged by Mike Levine

    Hell yeah!!! Great day for an update on this as today is metastatic breast cancer awareness day. Didn't hear a damn thing back from Warriors in Pink. (n). Edit: I did get a response, but not much they were able to do. Fuck Cancer, stage IV needs more!
  4. Fewer hero switches better??

    No, I don't like to throw coins all over the highway/street when my doors off.
  5. Alternator amp rating on Badlands

  6. So, your dealer is charging you an ADM / Price Mark-Up, what can you do??

    Possible ammo for step1/2 and discussions...if your dealership has automagical posting of inventory to their website even for custom orders screenshot/document the price for your VIN. My dealership does this, has my VIN listed and the MSRP price we agreed to.
  7. Is this Cactus Gray or A51?

  8. Where does my dealer go to get the rail car number?

    A bit of an assumption here, I am tracking mine closely too as I was build 10/7. I got shipped email on the 8th but my modules weren't populated at all yet. But since then I've been comparing my module status and it keeps changing a bit indicating to me that its not on a rail yet. The file...
  9. Dealer Delivery Estimate

    I am a 10/7 blend, in Idaho and my eta is 10/28-11/4. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Badlands vs Black Diamond

    I cut my teeth on Colorado trails... Black Diamond non-sasquatch will do all Colorado trails rated 6/10 trails (Wells book for reference) no problem and 7/10 trails with possible assistance (IE Spring Creek). I say that because that's what my 06 Xterra Offroad can do (33's, rear locker, PML...
  11. Suprise Bronco Reveal, Please help me get it built

    Good to hear this result, certainly doesn't make up for the 3 weeks of mind [email protected]#$ery. Scan, worry, treat, repeat. I can relate to much of what you are able to eloquently write as my wife too has MBC. I've reached out to Warriors in Pink, just hoping someone there knows someone in a high place...
  12. best door sill protection?

    Just going to throw some skateboard grip tape on mine, has worked well on sliders in the past.
  13. Black Bear Pass Using Trail Turn Assist in Outerbanks Bronco 😲😱🤯

    @Chase Gentry, did you inspect your tires after coming down? Wondering if you have any deep cuts on the tire from using the assist?
  14. Hand out Sasquatches instead of ducks?

    If you are going to put crap on my rig put 50ml Blanton's, everything else will end up in the trash. Its got a horse on it after all.
  15. Here are the Bronco Build & Tracking links

    The window sticker link doesn't work as of late last week for me. As many do I would just check the links, be disappointed, then go on about my day. Wednesday last week I hit the window sticker link and was stoked it was being populated. The next day I checked and no dice but I got an email...
  16. Anyone taken their Bronco to and down through Baja, or planning to?

    I will probably will be down there Nov 2022 to meet up with a buddy doing the offgrid living thing in his F450. Was suppose to be this winter but his build is taking about as long as Ford is with these Broncos.
  17. Ford Bronco Auto Unlock Doesn't Work While Doors are Off | Key Fob locked in Trunk

    Looks like I'll be lining my hitch safe with some faraday fabric to remedy this situation personally.
  18. IDyeti

    Idaho Bronco

    Got a blend date of 10/7 for my Bronco. No news from Ford or the dealer, just checked my update links and boom. I was in the run around gang with dates that kept getting pushed back with an Oct update promise.
  19. Any news on already built Broncos with new tops

    And I just got a blend date of 10/07. I guess no news is good news applied here, one day before October.
  20. First edition left in the woods. (Stuck in Park)

    No not Black Bear. Looks to be southwest of Denver, possibly off of US285, good Aspen leaf viewing time of year for that area.