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  1. Bronco vs deer

    I'm sorry for your loss.
  2. Addictive Desert Designs (ADD): Stealth Fighter Bumper for 2021+ Bronco

    Love it freaking beautiful. Wish I could drop the coin on it.😢
  3. Help modifying my FE Bronco

    Just popping on those MT classic wheels should do the trick. Throw on a @Ridergraphix stripe and you'll be good.
  4. Would you? New bronco grill lights!

    I painted mine with glow in the dark paint...who is with me?
  5. Stock Big Bend with 285/75/17 on Stock BB wheels

    Noise isn't bad. But if you put a chunkier tire on it will be louder.
  6. Stock Big Bend with 285/75/17 on Stock BB wheels

    I'm probably not the best at mpg cause I drive it like a Porsche. But it was 17-20 depending on how it was driven before and not much has changed.
  7. Stock Big Bend with 285/75/17 on Stock BB wheels

    Zero. Some dude put 315 70 17 on his base and has minimal touching as well. Just know your wheel offset will effect how the tire sits. You can see offset differences at
  8. Big Bend OEM tire size replacement is your new friend.
  9. Anyone sell to Vroom prior to buying their Bronco?

    I'll give you the other side of vroom...sold my car to them. They came and picked it up a few days later. Didn't get paid within the next 48 hours. Started calling them to try and figure out what was up. Support is lacking. But you can request to go to tier 2 immediately. For a week no one knew...
  10. Help me spec rig for my house in Costa Rica

    Uvita is not really that remote. But it is kinda far from San Jose. I broke down in matapalo once. That's pretty far out there. . .To be honest man a jacked up yota will probably be your best bet for future service and ease of operation. Plus a new bronco will probably draw a ton of attention.
  11. VR Forged Wheels Now Available

    Like those wheels.
  12. Bay Area Metal Fab Front Bumper For 2021 Bronco

    Now those boys know how to make a bumper! Thank God someone came out with something that doesn't look like it belongs on the front of a train. I bet they have good customer service too!