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  1. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    Don't worry... the rockstars will have it up in a jiffy.
  2. Wildtrak Bronco Thread

    In all honestly - it isn't bad. I'm just not a fan of the looks. On the bright side... When I fly from FL to WV to pick it up - the drive back through the mountains will be much better with the soft top! I'll just pay out my $*(&4(& later for the hardtop.
  3. Wildtrak Bronco Thread

    You're correct on that - for some reason, I thought the handles were black as well. My bad.
  4. Bronco Meet With Site Members @ Ol'Florida Offroad Park

    Fun fact - The company I work for provided those jersey barriers =)
  5. Wildtrak Bronco Thread

    I'm sticking with a fully loaded Wildtrak; however, I'm now conflicted on something that I wasn't even contemplating at all... switching to the soft top. With the allocation mess and being a late res on purpose (12/21) - If I wanted to even think about seeing it within the next year I should so...
  6. Wildtrak Bronco Thread

    I think they did this because originally Wildtraks were to come with the black painted top, so gloss grill/mirrors/handles worked/made sense. With painted tops not available in 21/22, it doesn't make sense ... to me, it looks odd having a soft/mic top with glossy accents. I'm glad they did...
  7. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    Seeing as you're also the IT manager... As someone who is a system administrator... I can only imagine how the dual role is for you. Especially on a day like this!
  8. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    John, Please make sure my WT has this wheel package. I won't settle for anything else. #rockstars
  9. 👨🏻‍💻 2022 Build & Price Is Up!

    I like the new Wildtrak wheel setup..
  10. October 13, 2021 @ 0900

    More like this: RC = Allocation
  11. Jumping Ship? - What's Your Plan B Vehicle Purchase?

    My Plan B's were: GT350 Mach 1 w/ Handling Pkg Model 3 Performance My past 3 cars were mustangs - the Bronco was supposed to be my go anywhere do anything vehicle... looks like I may have to go with one of the above. Not really interested in the other offroad offerings. I've waited long...
  12. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    Honestly... Some of us DID reach out and consult with John about switching over our initial trim selection. Why should I change my original reservation/order when I'm 99'd and will have to change everything when the 22 banks open up? So that I can see a picture on my reservation page of a WT...
  13. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    I'm putting no blame on Stephens either. It's not their fault. They knew just as much as we did. The fault lies with Ford being extremely vague on the price protection details.. then announcing the info a week after we could make any changes that would affect it. Hopefully, there's more to be...
  14. 2022 Bronco Price Protection Announced

    If Ford wasn't vague on how the price protection actually worked then we probably wouldn't be having this discussion right now. Yes - I could have called my dealer and had it switched Actually, I messaged my dealer (One of the big 3 here) and we both weren't sure that it would even matter...
  15. 2022 Bronco Price Protection Announced

    So they never clarified the details on this before 10/1 with customers or dealers. With all the pushback and delays I was gladly going to pay a $20k difference on my big bend reservation to move to a wildtrak since that's what I really wanted. Yet I didn't even find it necessary to change my...
  16. The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    John, What are your thoughts on this? If I'm reading this correctly.. maybe I'm not. I'm potentially getting screwed. I initially reserved a Big Bend; however, will all the delays and me ultimately getting what I really want I decided a while back to switch to a WT.. with a $20k difference...
  17. Who's ready to tap out?

    Only $10K? Pff... $20k here... I swear this was all planned.
  18. Camera Mounts on Off-Roadeo Broncos

    I believe the reason some early footage of the Texas Off-Roadeo were from a mounted position within the vehicle was due to the early Broncos utilized were pre-production models. So, they had the BYOD rails . I think those Broncos are now pulled or in the process of being replaced by production...
  19. Brand new bronco overheated today [Updated 8/19]

    Definitely sounds like a loose clamp on the coolant hose. I just had this happen to me in my diesel sierra - coolant pouring out while being added and all.