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  1. Texas Members Roll Call

    Holy Chingao! There's a group of ya'll Texans out there!!!
  2. Sparkherd

    Central TX Bronco Club

    Seen in the wild, OK, more like at Whataburger, in New Braunfels. I axed the guy if he was on here, and he replied negatorily.
  3. San Antonio Bronco Buyer's Meetup

    Ya Jordan. Fangers and toes Crossed...
  4. 2 Door - 2021 Bronco Black Diamond Sasquatch DELIVERED

    Beautimious Truck!!!
  5. M210 front drive axle unit - Dana M210 w/ 4.70 or 4.46 gears AND locker (aka Sasquatch front diff) available as standalone upgrade

    I'm seriously considering stuffing a Detroit in the 8.8 in my 2010 Ranger. I've got a Detroit in the Dana 60 in my 85 F-250, and I f ookin L-U-V it.
  6. 2021 Bronco Aftermarket Lighting Nighttime Field Test - Baja Designs & Rigid

    Thass what I'm talking 'bout!
  7. Sparkherd

    Central TX Bronco Club

    Thass OK; I got some frens who is Aggs! Glad ya'll beat them BamaHoles!!!
  8. Sasquatch Suspension Flex Test: 2 Door Bronco (RTI – Ramp Travel Index)

    Good to see a modicum of engineering in all the foofarawree!!!
  9. Sparkherd

    Central TX Bronco Club

    Aw man! There's Aggies on here?!?
  10. Manual Transmission, 6th Gear Efficiency

    Just need better Aerodynamics is all. :cool:
  11. Had to Offroad my wife's Ranger while I wait for my Bronco.....

    Wow! Looks just like northern Louisiana; except ya'll got more gravel. Maybe that's why all my Coonass ancestors moved south from Nova Scotia, Back In The Day! Happy Wheelin!
  12. Base Sasquatch Bronco wheeling in SoCal with 1" level kit, 37" KO2 tires, AC Fab Bumper and Sliders

    I am not a crawler, but I know when things start bouncing you'd better have one bad ass vehicle. I've seen people break stuff in mud when spinning wheels hit an immovable object.
  13. BEHOLD! Rear cup holders!

    I've got some of them on backpacks. Hold lotsa wiski...
  14. Base Sasquatch Bronco wheeling in SoCal with 1" level kit, 37" KO2 tires, AC Fab Bumper and Sliders

    Ya'll saw the vid with the guy in the Blue Bronc? Foot flat on the skinny pedal? Stock truck with big ol tires bouncing all over the place? Two busted tie rods? Now see the guy in the Red Bronco? Foot NOT flat on the floor? THAT's how you do it!
  15. Sasquatch suspension explained by engineer Dan Edmunds. Tire + wheels weight = 87.5 lbs

    This Edmunds guy is Strong Like Bull!!! Removes lug nuts with a speed wrench!!! Chingao!!!
  16. Sparkherd

    Central TX Bronco Club

    Yee Fn Haw!!!
  17. Best Phone call of the day

    Yee Fn Haw!!!