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  1. Got tired of waiting… going to build one with my kids…

    Best birthday surprise from the kids (they know how much I’m anticipating my build.) Almost as good as the real thing. Bonus GT too!! …not even a ‘hang in there’ prize.
  2. Something Happened! Sammys Bronco has me going to new places, to experience and capture again. Bronco is worth the wait!!!

    Nice! Approve… my screen name is a shout out to my 3 legged bullmastiff Bruno and that will be my Bronc’s name. Simple as that.
  3. Badlands vs Black Diamond

    For what its worth the sway bar disconnect, and trail turn assist were cool but only needed about 1% of the time at the Off-Roadeo (fun but def managed trails.) That said stuff like this, winches, and proper recovery gear are the 1% of the time things that keep you from calling for help (check...
  4. Tripodbruno

    Colorado Bronco Club

    Question for everyone. Is anyone using Ford AutoNation Littleton? This was the closest dealer to me when I reserved. Specifically has anyone taken delivery from this dealer and what was your experience?
  5. Tripodbruno

    Colorado Bronco Club

    Hi i'm new to the club, but checking out Bronco6g for awhile. I can't wait to see more Broncos out on the trails. 2 door Badlands Sasquatch on order...waiting like most of you. I recently attended the off-roadeo Texas and Super Celebration West. The off-roadeo was a blast. Attend if you can. I...