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  1. 2022 (Re) Ordered

    Have not heard from my dealer so reached out with an email to execute the same order except change color from RR to CC. In minutes the salesperson responded with a DocuSign form with the changes still at the same price. My priority code moved from 19 to 10 which I understand that is a sooner...
  2. First So Cal Sighting

    Finally my first Bronco in the 'city wild' sighting. DT Anaheim, and liked the older Big Brother he parked next to.
  3. MY21 reservations moved to MY22. Did you change your build?

    No change to build except changing color since RR isn't a '22 option. Going with Carb Gray. Will try to add the tailgate table also assuming it does not compromise delivery or pricing lock.
  4. How long until Ford just cancels outstanding reservations?

    I’ve got a 7/14 reservation and a March 2021 order that had to place a $1400 deposit with the dealer. Never understood the entire $100 reservation thing that Ford did. It’s like give us $100 so we can spam you email inbox.
  5. 👨🏻‍💻 2022 Build & Price Is Up!

    Works just fine now. Web site working is one thing, being able to delivery is another. All the Ford lots I pass are still quite empty. :(
  6. Sasquatch suspension explained by engineer Dan Edmunds. Tire + wheels weight = 87.5 lbs

    Great info and thanks for posting this. This suspension overview keeps the Bronco engagement going while we still wait for the Oct ‘reorder’.
  7. How to get un-99’d?

    My order was a code 19, but also Rapid Red. Assume I'll need to reorder once the order books open back up and select an offered color. Am not expecting anything in '21 but hopefully Q1 or early Q2 '22......
  8. 🦖 Bronco Raptor Officially Confirmed and Teased by Ford!

    Lame video. A lot more dislikes than likes. Ford got to perform before they gain the trust.
  9. No VIN Gang

    426 days since reservation and 180 days since order conversation. No compromise on what I want to get it earlier. New MIC 2.0 are looking good. Still need to pick a new color since my Rapid Red got scrapped.
  10. For those who ordered Rapid Red...

    I've been Rapid Red once I ordered and never looked back...until now that it is cancelled. Prefer metallic paint. Chili Pepper is not doing it for me. Undecided until I understand what the Heritage options are. Have been enjoying looking at folks post their Base builds with lifts, custom...
  11. New Models/Upgrades Coming for 2022/2023 says Levine

    Does anyone have insight on the Heritage Edition? Is the just a paint / accessory package available on any model or is it like a specialty FE? I prefer the capability of the WT/BL models but the retro look of the HE is appealing.
  12. Modular Bumper Fog Kit from Baja Designs

    These lights look great. If I ever get a VIN and build date on my WT order will look to purchase the modular bumper Aux Light kit.
  13. What mods do you have waiting on your Broncos?

    Tailgate table Axel back Stainless Works Exhaust OBD device to unlock features and defeat auto stop Rigid or Baja Designs Aux lights for front bumper A large tow strap to use my Raptor to pull it when the piece of junk stops running.
  14. HELP.. blue screen on center display when activating CarPlay

    Is there an SD card for the NAV that needs to be installed? Perhaps a reboot. Disconnect the battery negative terminal wait a minute and reattach.
  15. California Folks...What do You Currently Drive and Where do You go Wheeling?

    Well in CA the USDA Forest Service is closing all National Forest Land Sept 1 - 17th. So that takes away most of my 4 wheeling territory. They'll probably extend it past the 17th with all the CA Wildfire and dry weather.
  16. Magnaflow Axle back Exhaust for 2.7 Bronco released

    Mandatory upgrade. Probably ads a 10dB gain in exhaust growl. Am hoping Stainless Works releases one for the Bronco by the time I ever see mine.
  17. California Folks...What do You Currently Drive and Where do You go Wheeling?

    You are right since very few Bronco’s have arrived here in CA. For me I hit up Borrego a bit and off-road mostly up on Mono County as I have a 2nd home there and keep an extra Jeep and ATV’s Up there. If anyone knows of a good Dana Transfer Case rebuilder up on that area please let me know.
  18. My 2 Week, 1000 Mile Review [4-Door Wildtrak]

    Awesome write up and review. Glad to see at the 17 MPG as opposed to 14-15. Glad I chose Wildtrak and your review helped reinforce more patience.
  19. What is new for MY22?

    The front camera is awesome 4 low wheeling in tight spaces. Going forward need to pick out a new color since Rapid Red is history. Am very interested in understanding the release and build of the Heritage Edition.
  20. 🦄 Modified my unicorn Base Bronco 2-Door: BFG A/T KO2, Upgraded Speakers, Rear Seat Delete, Sasquatch Flares, Stripes & CB Radio

    Awesome, well done and congrats. Glad to see you have a Bronco and good idea to get the Baseline model and get the upgrades done. This way you have it and are enjoying while the other 95% are waiting on Ford……….