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  1. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    I surprised myself in getting the pic attached, not hi teck at all, barely above low tech. was no tech for years. i will definitely be getting a safari bar for my front lights and in a couple of years when the hard tops are straightened out will get the Ridgid backup spots installed on the...
  2. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    Just got the bronco home, took quite a while to put on accessories and modifications. I have back mud flaps, but the front ones don't go on the outer banks, even though the B&P originally had them. the Hilighter lights need a safari bar. they are looking into that for me. the fuel kill switch...
  3. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    Bronco delivered to McMahon in Norwalk Wednesday. found it on the tracker at 730am, i was in the yard looking around and I found it. filled out paperwork , dropped off all the accessories with requested customization (Kill switches etc). pickup date Next Wednesday ( estimate-12 hrs of...
  4. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    OHOH, Im in the EXACT timeframe as both of you , shipped,delivery est , and IM IN CT. Hope we all three are right on target
  5. Auto Start/Stop Eliminator Installation Notes and Review on 2021 Bronco

    Thanks for the tips. I printed your suggestions out so I can reference them when I am installing. Thanks for your help
  6. Auto Start/Stop Eliminator Installation Notes and Review on 2021 Bronco

    Just put in my order, should arrive by Tuesday which is perfect as my OBX is due in about 10 days. Thanks for the tip on this product. my son has autostop on his ford escape and hates it. I watched the video, I can handle that, looks pretty straight forth. Just gotta take my time and use...
  7. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    rail to Albany, then truck to Norwalk CT
  8. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    FINALLY, got my SHIPPED on the tracker. Shipped 9/18, just posted today/ original blend 9/10 res 7/14 4am
  9. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    built, will followup when i get the shipping notice
  10. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    I had the keyless entry option, looks like it didn't hold me up
  11. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    Just got my email, ETA at McMahon Ford Norwalk 10-7 , 10-13. Thanks for everybody's information etc on this thread. See you on the streets of CT. Got my Syracuse (block S) tire cover, black background ORANGE S , should look great with cyber orange . Now all I have to do is wait and have...
  12. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    First, many thanks for the work you put in monitoring this fiasco. Second, NOW the keyless entry may be a delay, wow, I hope my carpeting and rear cargo cover dont hold me up either (LOL ). I have my porch (to my wife s annoyance) packed with all the accessories I purchased through Ford and...
  13. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    just got my modules, been checking every couple of hours since 230am 367/886, must have hit right after 4am
  14. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    Cant find the tracker , put me on it -- thanks interesting ct waterfowler 9/10 blend OBX 2.7 soft top, 367/886 no modules nothing shows 8/14 4am res -- long wait gonna get longer im afraid

    not sure, check their website , or Chuck

    On my 88 bronco, I had a simple kill switch. I saw a poster on the forum mention Ravelco as an excellent system. After researching and contacting them I decided to go ahead and have them install their system. I am reserved with them for an install (as soon as I get my OBX). I am in Norwalk...
  17. where do the vehicles sent by rail dead end at

    THANKS, Looks like I go (rail) to Albany , and then 1 1/2 hrs by truck to my dealership. Lets hope they dont have me sitting waiting long. My small dealership has over 300 orders --86 allocations for 2021 and the rest are 2022. There are several of us in this weeks build, so we might all go...
  18. where do the vehicles sent by rail dead end at

    MANY THANKS, mine says 13 (New York) and then my order number. Very helpful, 7/14 res 4am, OBX 2.7,lux,leather,soft top (i dropped MIC and tow and got scheduled right away). will buy a hardtop , either MIC,MOD, or aftermarket depending on how the reviews go on the hardtops.
  19. where do the vehicles sent by rail dead end at

    My sticker says RAIL, I'm in Norwalk CT, at some point the rail car dead ends and the vehicles are transferred to convoy carriers . Does anybody know where they transfer for final transport . Jersey, NY, etc.
  20. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    THANKS, I have been seeing the same thing and trying to open up further driving me nuts not knowing what to expect. Now I just wait for the thing to start populating. Res 7/14 4am, blend date 9/10 367/886