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  1. Details & update for 2021 Bronco Badlands with steering rack failure on King of the Hill K2 Trail

    It certainly begs the question- What does Ford think the skidplates are for?
  2. Why winter tires

    Most modern A/T light truck tires are 3PMSF rated and perform very well in winter conditions. However, they still won't have the stopping distances or lateral grip of a dedicated winter tire. How much that extra performance matters is up to you.
  3. XPEL Stealth Satin PPF wrapped my Carbonized Gray Badlands Bronco

    Xpel Stealth or not, this looks fuckin' sick. 🔥 My 2-door Badlands order is Oxford White, and I love how the grille + flares + gray retro stripe looks on white.
  4. Bronco Team 2 door.

    I waffled back and forth on holding my nose and just getting the automatic so I could have the 2.7. Even after submitting my order, I had second thoughts. Any second thoughts I had immediately went away after driving both of Granger's demos (Automatic Wildtrak and manual Big Bend). We made the...
  5. Bronco Team 2 door.

  6. XPEL Stealth Satin PPF wrapped my Carbonized Gray Badlands Bronco

    Even though it's something I'd likely never do, I think Xpel Stealth looks ridiculously good on every single Bronco color I've seen posted with it. I really want to see Oxford White with a MIC top wrapped in this.
  7. Bronco Team 2 door.

    IMO a 2-door manual Badlands with Lux is the ultimate Chad spec. I suspect it's going to be one of the rarer/more unusual configurations out there, once Broncos start hitting the streets in real numbers. Coupling two specs that are in the minority (2-door and manual) with the enthusiast trim...
  8. Ford - Please, give us something!

    More/better information would be cool. I've been patient with my morning 07/14 reservation, but I'm growing less patient. By January 2022, if I don't have a 1) VIN, or 2) some kind of information that (confidently) shows there's light at the end of the tunnel, it's a manual 2-door JLR order...
  9. Bronco Team 2 door.

    Dude, this looks ridiculously good on the steelies and K02s. It's pics like this that keep me in the waiting game and off the Jeep build and price.
  10. I finally got my bronco! (With the wrong seats)

    This is the funniest thread I've seen on here.
  11. Here we go…. More Bronco Markups

    IMO it's one of the worst possible rationalizations for buying an expensive vehicle that I see people use. A set of Blizzaks on the Prelude will be about $40,000 less and work just fine.
  12. Manual and Mid package

    IMO it's not gonna happen. Additionally, I'd put money on the manual option going completely extinct within 2-3 model years (the rationale given will be "Muh take rate").
  13. Best bronco carwash tool!

    Leaf blower drying is a known technique that I wouldn't be able to live without. Not only is it fast, but it's the 'safest' drying technique when it comes to being fastidious about keeping your clear coat nice. My current daily has now been through three years of weekly hand washes and...
  14. 2dr BD is finally here!

    Take this like for showing that 2-doors actually exist in the wild. I'm also here to repeat that the Black Diamond steelies look so awesome. I really need to find a dude that wants to swap his steelies for the default non-squatch Badlands wheels.
  15. Did anyone learn anything when ReOrdering a MY22 ?

    I learned adding Samsquanch to a manual trans Badlands is not a good deal. So much for factory Mansquanch.
  16. Came across this on tiktok. 2.7 dropped a valve

    Bronco sentiment among 15 year old girls plummets! 📉
  17. Having second thoughts about my Big Bend choice

    This. I've seen way too many people on here stressing about lockers that didn't even know what they were. If you don't know what they are, I guarantee open diffs will be 100% fine. Relax and enjoy your build. 35s on the other hand has the strong possibility of sucking on 3.73s. I'd personally...
  18. Question/Opinion: 2.7l or Lux

    2.7 bro. Forget the Buck Rogers electronics.
  19. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    90s rally racing. The most iconic use probably being Subarus in 'World Rally Blue' with yellow liveries and bronze wheels. That's why I love them, anyway.