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  1. BaseSquatch DELIVERED : 2 Door Base Sasquatch [UPDATE - NOW WITH MORE PICTURES & REVIEW]

    Love it! Please take lots of interior pics for us!
  2. Bronco Insurance Costs

    My 2017 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition is $91/mo., the new OuterBanks two door will be $98/mo.
  3. OBX vs BL / Trade-in Values

    Half the people who will buying in the used market wont know the difference between the models, just like (most) the people buying the Jeeps don't know the difference in what they're buying. Just look at who drives some of these vehicles...clueless. Most people are mall crawlers and just want...
  4. BB v OBX Build and Price - what am I missing

    I have not ordered yet. Waiting to see it on May 15th at our local dealer... I did 2 builds - both 2 doors... OBX and Bid Bend. OBX with just the standard mid package with Hard top sound deadening Floor liners 2.7l Tow package MSRP = $43,595 Bid Bend Mid package Hard top sound deadening...
  5. Why is OBX the only model that comes with 18 inch wheels ?

    Same overall diameter as the 17’s, but Lower profile tire. Better feel on the paved roads.. This is the comfort package
  6. Ok, time to pull the trigger: Squatch or no?

    That’s been my dilemma. I’ll never use it but it looks great. I’ve decided to put my money on an OBX with LUX package. It was a trade off. And at 60, I like the comfort features. definitely a person decision on how you allocate your money
  7. Bronco 2.7L Engine Pictures From Moab

    Thanks ! Now I’m convinced to buy an extended warranty. Tubes and sensors and wires. Ugh..
  8. Dealership appearance schedule and registering - find your local dealer [add your findings to first post!]

    Thanks for the info. Typed my dealership name in the URL and it gave me the date, but cant register for it yet so I called my rep and he will get me a timeslot.
  9. Theft Prevention...

  10. Well, I bought a Jeep😆

    Ford built more than 300,000 GPW military jeeps in all, which amounted to roughly half of all jeeps built for WWII. ... The Willys produced version of the vehicle is known as the MB, which is the direct ancestor of the first civilian jeep.
  11. POLL: Does your spouse know you're buying a Bronco?

    Not a nice guy. Douche
  12. Jeep recalls 2018-2021 Wranglers/Gladiators with MT

    Jeep says "this isn't the result of a faulty part. Rather, it's a design issue." But the design (issue) resulted in a faulty part. Who ever made that statement should run for congress.
  13. NOTICE TO ALL RE: Bronco Nation Content [See Update]

    Currently BN has just above 100,000 members. . Agreed, everyone close out their membership. Let’s get it down below 50,000. I’m out of there.
  14. 2.7l and 10 speed reliabilty, turbos shot at 40k

    For this reason and the complexity of the vehicle, I'm getting the extended warrantee at time of purchase. At my age, this may be the last vehicle I buy...look out, next gen Mustang looks to be electric, Bronco cant be too far behind...ugh...let us buy ICEs
  15. Bronco Wildtrak Interior and Seats

    Sorry people, this interior may force me to upgrade from OBX to the WT. This is a great SHOT! THANK-YOU!
  16. Why all the hate on the OBX?