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  1. So my Bronco has come in.... & marked up 10k by DCH FORD OF EATONTOWN

    Michael seems to enjoy copying and pasting the same response over and over and over again. haha.
  2. So my Bronco has come in.... & marked up 10k by DCH FORD OF EATONTOWN

    They have 6 listed for sale on their site. Of course, they only list the MSRP of each. SCUM. You should review them on Google as well and reach out to Ford Marketing, as well as tweet the situation, with DCH tagged.
  3. As much as it pains me to write this, I think that I have finally been pushed too far...

    I love my Defender... but still holding out for a Bronco. They are completely different vehicles.
  4. Dear Ford, where's my Bronco?

    It's been 14 months. I remember the excitement I felt as I reserved my 2 door, Ford Bronco Wildtrak. I mean, it was early morning on July 14, 2020.... I had seen the reveal and could not contain myself! Shortly after, I joined this BRONCO6G forum and met some awesome folks who were also big...
  5. Need Help! Just notified my 1st Edition will not be built and dealer should offer me a Badlands instead - What the...!

    You should also reference the order confirmation with your reservation number from February of this year. Your dealer is FOS.
  6. Is This the First Salvage 2021 Bronco?

    Look at the hitch- this car landed/fell on something. I would bet most of the damage is to the undercarriage and frame.
  7. 🗓 2022 Bronco order bank opens October 13!

    Unless you have kids/family to tow around, the 2D is- IMO -worth holding out for.
  8. MIC owners, what becomes of your current top?

    Correct- dealer installs new top as service appointment, similar to a recall. Old top returned to Ford/Webasto for destruction/repurposing.
  9. What's your back-up plan?

    I get your sarcasm... find it to be a rather funny script... but not everyone can wait for Ford to deliver, regardless of circumstance. I get that they had 120k+ reservations turned orders.... but that has nothing to do with the quality/design fails that have plagued '21 Broncos, further...
  10. What's your back-up plan?

    That's so weird... I have owned mine a short while, but have not had that issue at all, whether on the freeway, or not. I did put 35" tires on mine, and had Jeep Service re-torque the ball joints, since I heard they don't come properly torqued from the factory at times. Also, I have heard that...
  11. What's your back-up plan?

    I LOVE my defender. Opted for First Edition with the V6. I would also love a two door p300 with white steelies. 😊
  12. What's your back-up plan?

    Drive was my main concern. With that said, I have been really pleasantly surprised with how it drives. I have also been very impressed with interior trim and build quality. My only cons: 1- The V6 would benefit from more power in high elevation situations 2- Gas mileage- I average 15mpg 3-...
  13. What's your back-up plan?

    Just put Nitto 35" Ridge Grapplers on mine. Amazing tires.
  14. What's your back-up plan?

    So, I guess you won't be using your cameras any time soon? 🙂
  15. What's your back-up plan?

    Day 2 rez here as well... no vin/build date... so frustrating.
  16. What's your back-up plan?

    I just bought a Gladiator Rubicon and love it. Gas mileage is not so great, but after putting 35s on it, it's a lot of fun to drive. Can't lie... I still want my Bronco WT to arrive!
  17. What's your back-up plan?

    Love the Mustang, but so different than a Bronco!
  18. What's your back-up plan?

    Anyone thinking of buying something other than the new Bronco, due to the endless delays? If so, what's are you thinking?