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  1. Saw a Maverick Today

    I like the XLT interior, it pops. I went up to the XLT mainly because of the interior But I did order it in velocity blue so it would match. I think the orange idea came from the hybrid power cables in the engine/motor compartment that are orange.
  2. Time to reorder 2021 Bronco

    Sounds like your dealer not ford. Your dealer is probably trying to steal your order
  3. 2 door Bronco Pick Up Rendering

    Looks amazing This would be easy. Buy a two door. Modify the roll cage. Mic/fiberglass top. And a removable bulk head. Just like in the original. If I could get one of those f---ed up throw away tops I could make one.
  4. Am I the only one that thinks Bronco would have competed the FJ Cruiser?

    I hateToyota but I considered a FJ. I drove a 2016 Jeep unlimited and thought I was going to flip it On the road in a turn at speed. The FJ IFS was the draw, just like the bronco. Ford should have looked into the reverse doors for the two door. But to me the two door looks perfect
  5. Tired of waiting so I pick this up to hold me off

    This will go up in value opposed to the bronco
  6. Tired of waiting so I pick this up to hold me off

    This will go up in value opposed to the bronco
  7. Why didn't Ford give the 2 Door and 4 Door Bronco the same wheelbase?

    If you kept the wheelbase the same on both, the departure angle would be horrible on one of them.
  8. Ford modified Badlands Sasquatch 4-Door w/ orange accents (tow hooks, beadlock rings, skidplate)

    Looks like the designer that sprinkled his orange magic on the Maverick XLT interior has moved on the the bronco exterior.
  9. [RENDER] Hot Pepper Red Bronco with MIC top and white top

    You can't just add a white top, it needs white rims and grill. On the other hand why can't Ford just make a color that looks like the name. Orange that looks yellow Dark blue that looks black Hot pepper red that looks orange In the 60s it was poppy red that is orange
  10. Curious Why it Seems so Many People Want a Manual Trans?

    The only opinion are 2 and 7.
  11. Curious Why it Seems so Many People Want a Manual Trans?

    There are a few good reasons to go with the manual. 1st you save $1,895 2nd Sticks are fun to drive. 3rd. It a millennials theft device. 4th. The bronco 10 speed is the weaker version. 5th. If the 10 speed breaks it will cost a fortune. 6th. Usually if something goes wrong with a...
  12. A Velocity Blue Bronco Goes Retro With White Roof + White Fender Flares

    That looks like a circus wagon. Take away the white fenders, sights, and handles. Add white rims with retro center caps. Also it needs a slight off white instead of bright white.
  13. Hammock swag gift thread

    I got mine, it is a 1/18 scale model of a green metal World War II Jeep with a $3,500 coupons off any new 2021 Jeep. The second box is a Tshirt with a American flag that says BACK TO BACK UNDEFEATED WORLD WAR CHAMPIONS!!!! 😁
  14. The Jeep owners are mad

    Those big tires in combination with that gutless jeep engines put them at a huge disadvantage in a drag race with a city bus. Also there is a reason 99.9 percent of vehicles have IFS, because it works.
  15. 2 Door BaseSquatch Delivered. Timeline, Q & A, Notes From First 100 miles

    I'm so happy for you! We must have been separated at birth, we have the exact same VB build except for the front bumper.i almost ordered that also but thought the aftermarket might have something interesting. Your mpg has me optimistic. Mine looks like it is pushed to 2022 because of the top...
  16. Galpin Ford has 2 Door Badlands on show today June 9

    Thanks for posting. I ran down and checked it out. I ordered the same thing in base trim. The blue looked perfect. Pictures really don’t do this color justice. Thanks for posting. I ran down to galpin and wow that blue really pops. I ordered a similar base model. Glad now that...
  17. Why I switched to the 2.3L over the 2.7L...

    Mr Nice I agree 100 percent. You would have to read earlier in this post but this guy from Bama ColbyFromBama. disagreed with me when I said I ordered the 2.7 because it has both DI and port fuel injection. He said get a catch can I was trying to say I think the engineers at Ford and...
  18. Why I switched to the 2.3L over the 2.7L...

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper for Ford and all the manufactures to just add a catch can. Maybe you can should tell all of Fords engineers that you have a cheap ass fix for them and they could save hundreds per engine not having both DI and port injection. Also they both work together for improved...
  19. Real truck sighting. 2DR Single Cab Ranger Spied

    You could make a cool truck with a short bed 2.7 eco boost 10 speed with a tune. Mini old school lightning.