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  1. 7,000 Miles and Loving Our Bronco

    1150 per cup holder...not bad : )
  2. Pizza cutter 35" spare - rubber bumpers?

    Looks Great!......More pics of the steelies with 35's please. Planning on same, but with small lift
  3. Best interior for A51?

    Sidenote...this interior is going to look fantastic with Cactus Grey!!
  4. Ford Announces FREE Sound Deadening Headliner For All 2021 Bronco With Hard Tops

    Just called my dealer. Ordered BL MGV with no headliner a month ago. He opened my order this morning..added headliner, with Zero charges! For Freeeeee!
  5. Ford Announces FREE Sound Deadening Headliner For All 2021 Bronco With Hard Tops

    My dealer just added to my Badlands 2 Dr with MGV - No ch
  6. Prediction: What month/year do you think you will get yours?? Based on Reservation date..

    Ocober 26th Res.... Looks like I will slip in based on dealer allocations, and failure of reservations committing to order ! Dec 2021
  7. B6G Poll: can you drive a manual or not?

    Wait...wha?....First time I've heard no trail turn. I haven't heard that yet and maybe there's a technical reason manual will not, educate me....maybe losing the combo of remote start and trail turn assist might sway me to go 2.7 auto +$3490
  8. Did KOH change your mind on anything regarding your build? Back & Forth...

    Exactly the epiphany I had last night. I blame KOH for this! However, now I won't have an ounce of envy for the 12" screen and won't feel the need to immediately change the look of BD steely stocks as I drive off the lot. I was 2.7Auto on my BD build, but will sacrifice the engine size...
  9. What’s your cheapest-Favourite accessory

    Those are bomb!...rubber feet Dogonit!
  10. Freeway Video: Bronco Black Diamond 4 Door Iconic Silver

    Any tire experts here think there will be clearance for fitting 34‘s? Great view of crash bars , etc.
  11. Freeway Video: Bronco Black Diamond 4 Door Iconic Silver

    Holy Fishnuckles! That looks legit...and when I add 33 M/T’s....yes....????!
  12. Bronco Orders can now be processed!!

    I'm getting BD CG 2.7.... Keeping steelies(love the look, and don't like the Sas wheels), so arriving stock. Going to have dealer try 34's on it as is, and get the dealer to install 2" lift if needed, or aftermarket lift. Ordering this afternoon!!!
  13. Bronco Orders can now be processed!!

    My inner bleached blond chick loves this build
  14. MY22 Green Bronco Color - what should Ford do?

    This green would be Bomb! Love it on my Tundra. Tundra has agreed to be sold/traded at highest price to make room for Bronco! Timberland Mica
  15. 4-Door Oxford White Badlands (@ MAP)

    Sweet! I’m getting BD as well. I know 33’s are a good to go, but am gonna have my dealer try similar 34. You’ve gotta post if you get yours first
  16. 4-Door Oxford White Badlands (@ MAP)

    Do ya think 33’s look good on 2 Dr? planning on BD 2 door
  17. Report: More Bronco Allocations For Dealers Who Upgrade Their Showrooms

    My Dealership is converting the pre-owned building portion of their high-volume dealership into A Bronco Lodge. Picture.....Cabelas, Bass Pro...etc.........Sales, Deliveries and modular parts and accessories all in the one-stop lodge : ) .......suggesting a couple taps and cigar lounge as well