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  1. Who's ready to tap out?

    Just a jeep owner dropping in to say "stick with it" if you can. Saw my first full-size Bronco in my town the other day. Was white with LEDs and the gray hard top. Looked pretty awesome, if I do say so. I'm not one for the big letters across the grill and all that, but I can admit it looked sharp.
  2. TFL First Edition with Bestop Soft Top

    It's fine. Mine is going on 4 years with no issues. I just try to push some snow off it every once in awhile if we're getting a lot. It will get dirty, of course, and then it's up to you how much you want to wash it, but it's not going to degrade or anything.
  3. 2 Door Bronco Loses Big

    Good thing it's just your opinion. There wouldn't even be a G6 Bronco without a 4-door. Wranglers most likely wouldn't have made it through the JK gen without 4-doors, either. It's just what people want. And stop with this "real <whatever>." It's so dumb.
  4. Stuck Bronco Sport

    Yea, having driven on tons of sand... I have a feeling something went wrong with the vehicle instead of the sand getting to them. 4hi and 15psi is really all you need for most sand.
  5. Test Drive Causing Me to Re-evaluate

    Offroad lifestyle? ha, yea I thought that was a pretty standard term for the segment, but maybe I just created something brilliant? lol Yea, I love seeing the jeeps with all the overlanding racks and stuff that are never filled with anything and the jeep looks like it's never seen a speck of...
  6. Test Drive Causing Me to Re-evaluate

    I think this is an excellent post, OP. Very balanced and reasonable. The offroad lifestyle segment is booming right now. Seemingly everyone wants a wrangler, bronco, defender, 4runner, hummer (soon), etc. When I drive on the interstates and state highways these days, it's like driving through a...
  7. A “for sale by owner” First Edition is on eBay for $99k obo

    Kinda twisted, but hey, whatever gets you going lol That being said, if I could make 30k+ on a vehicle, I would lol
  8. Soft Top in Winter Conditions ?

    My JLU soft top has been awesome in the winters, but I do have the premium one. This last winter in PA was brutal; feet of snow with stretches of low temps meaning most of it never really went away until the spring. Soft top was just fine.
  9. Death to the Bronco Sport

    Honestly it's pretty fine at what most people do as "offroading" (dirt road to that wedding in a barn: we know who we are lol)
  10. Actual market value of the Bronco

    @Carolina Jim Lol yea it always makes me chuckle when people are quick to say how terrified they are of sitting on top of batteries in case of a fire, yet they're apparently fine planting themselves on top of 20 gallons of highly flammable, sloshing liquid.
  11. A note to the 4-door brigade: We get it already!!!!!

    Ah, gotcha. I've been around here for quite some time, but I don't post much or check every day. Carry on with whatever the joke is, I suppose lol
  12. A note to the 4-door brigade: We get it already!!!!!

    It is indeed pretty dumb what people will go to the mat about.
  13. Off Road Mods People Think Are Cool, But Really Aren’t

    Aftermarket cube lights. Holy cow so many lights.
  14. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    I often wonder what these people who keep repeating "Broncos are 2-doors" think about other non-necessary products that have evolved. Like, technically you still have the option to not buy a smart phone and opt for a traditional phone... do you go with the traditional because "real phones have...
  15. What we’ve all been waiting for…. TFL Bronco Week

    Yea, both parties are free to do what they want. And then Ford realized how much viewership they were missing by blacklisting TFL (their main channel alone has a million subs) throughout these big product reveals.
  16. What we’ve all been waiting for…. TFL Bronco Week

    I like TFL's stuff. Some of the reviewers I like more than others, but in general they usually do a good job of pointing out the good and the bad in a candid way. I watched the video with Tommy going into some of the 4 doors. They seem pretty awesome. Man, roads are just gonna be crammed with...
  17. Changed my Badlands from a 2-door to a 4-door today...

    I can't tell you how many times having my 4-door jeep has paid off in the last 3+ years. So many awesome trips with family and friends that frankly just wouldn't have been possible with the smaller confines of a 2dr. For me it's about the people and the adventure; the Bronco or Jeep is gonna...
  18. Surprise Bronco For Wife!

    That was an incredibly nice read, and what a nice gesture from everyone involved. Good luck to you!
  19. Moving From Jeep?

    Still on the fence. My '18 JLU will be four years old by the time Broncos are somewhat regularly on dealer lots (early 2022), and I'd like to wait a year or two after that to see how Bronco does in regards to reliability. From what I've seen, I'm incredibly impressed, though. I just watched the...