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  1. @dealerinsider offer closed

    But I'm pretty sure we don't qualify for the price protection Ford offered, correct?
  2. Ford Bronco Accessory / Parts Deal -- B6G Forum Members ONLY

    @flip will this same deal be available to those of us that currently own the Bronco Sport? If so can you post over on sister site,
  3. 📣 Ford announces MIC hardtop solution (program 21B49): unscheduled orders will get MY2022, delivered & built Broncos will have tops replaced

    I'm still beyond pissed Ford is not guaranteeing pricing for those of us that reserved after 3/19.
  4. 📣 Ford announces MIC hardtop solution (program 21B49): unscheduled orders will get MY2022, delivered & built Broncos will have tops replaced

    I missed the price protection by 5 days. Guess I better stock up on KY jelly. Vehicle: Bronco Series: OUTER BANKS Date reservation placed: 03/24/2021 Reservation ID number: Your Ford Dealer: Deposit payment value: US$.00 Deposit card type: VISA Deposit card number (last four...
  5. First Edition vs Fully loaded Badlands

    Correct. On the Sport FE there's no ACC, no Nav, ambient lighting or under eat storage in the rear.
  6. Ford Considering Shipping Vehicles Missing Chips for Dealerships to Finish (Are Broncos Affected??)

    Addendum - the Bronco has reportedly not experienced delays due to chip shortages . See articles: CEO Farley says Ford was able to offset almost all chip shortage impact
  7. First Edition vs Fully loaded Badlands

    If your curious about the Sport (I know some of you on the forum loathe the Sport) the fully loaded Badlands is better equipped with more options than the FE.
  8. Official Ford How-To Instructions Video: Bronco Hardtop Removal and Installation

    I guess I'll just get mine with a soft top. What a PITA. By the time I get the top off my day will be over.
  9. Jeep priced the Xtreme Recon $3995 (factory 35’s)

    I need more coffee. I read the headline and thought I could buy this fully equipped Jeep for $39,995.
  10. I don’t want to worry 2DR buyers but this doesn’t look good.

    When I purchased our Bronco Sport back in January, the dealer didn't have a clue about the $100 and the Ford rep didn't either. The $100 was not deducted from the sale price. I had to show the dealer the credit card charge and after some wrangling they issued a $100 check to me (weeks after...
  11. Talk about Bronco price gouging 😱 [Update: vehicle is demo unit not for sale yet]

    I can be guilty of that as well, these threads blow up in a matter of minutes and sometimes you can't read them all. OP should edit his original post and @Administrator please lock this one down!
  12. @dealerinsider offer closed

    And still no soft top option on a 2 door?
  13. 6/25 Email & FAQ: Modular Hardtops Delayed Until 2023MY | Price Protection Extension | Free Hardtop Prep Kit

    If you take delivery of a soft top hoping to get a painted top 2 years later, the paint on the Bronco probably won’t match the freshly painted hard top.
  14. Video: POV on-road driving in 2.3L 7-Speed Bronco

    I wouldn't be surprised if it's on the full size Bronco. Ford pipes in the fake noise when my Bronco Sport is in "Sport" mode.
  15. No ACC Stop and Go?

    There are a couple of versions of CoPilot 360. One is just the 360 (which is on my FE Sport) and the other one is 360+ which is a $795 option on the Badlands model. To get adaptive cruise control you have to have the 360+ version. I’m miffed at Ford for not including this or even making it an...
  16. No ACC Stop and Go?

    @D2dhanover My "fully loaded" FE Sport doesn't have ACC but the Badlands Sport does. Go figure.