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  1. BuiltRight Industries - Innovative Gear Mounting Systems

    @BuiltRight Industries I know this is a very non-sexy ask but is there any chance you'd engineer a better front license plate bracket with an alternative mounting location for the HD Modular Front Bumper?
  2. 📈 Our 2021 Bronco Order Stats / Take Rates After 2K Submissions

    I was surprised at the sasquatch take rate as well. I took a looked closer at the data and realized the Sasquatch calculation includes FE and Wildtrack builds that come with that package. So, the number is more reflective of how many builds will have that package rather than the number of orders...
  3. 📊 Submitted Bronco Orders Tracking List & Stats

    I apologize if someone already pointed this out but I found this interesting. I was looking at the stats and was curious about the Sasquatch package take rate for models that don't come equipped with that package. If you remove FE and Wildtrack models from the math - only about 40% of people...
  4. Cactus Gray Adjustment in B&P

    Looks like ford made an adjustment to the Cactus Gray color in B&P. I took a couple of screen shots of a glitch that was happening that showed both new and old colors. The doors on this Big Bend are the new color vs the old color on the other panels.
  5. More Broncos of Hammertown 🔨

    I know there is some perspective and shadows at play here but the A51 looks slightly lifted or leveled when compared to the Silver.
  6. Anyone else dislike the wheel offset on the Squatch ?

    Those are aftermarket wheels, so the offset might be more than you would get with stock wheels.
  7. Maryland Volume Buyers Group? or Maybe VA/PA/DE/MD?

    @NayNay Thank you for all that you have contributed to this forum. You mentioned earlier in this thread that you guys have never been a "high volume store." Given that, how do you expect this to affect the delivery time to your store knowing that Ford is considering sales volume as a factor?
  8. Maryland Volume Buyers Group? or Maybe VA/PA/DE/MD?

    Yes, I have received automated follow-up/marketing emails from them. They still have no idea who I am, why they have my email, or acknowledged that I have a Bronco reservation with them. This isn't contact, this is lifecycle email marketing. I haven't attempted to reach out to them either but...
  9. Maryland Volume Buyers Group? or Maybe VA/PA/DE/MD?

    Interested! Reserved mine at Koons in Fall Church VA - I’m not sold on them. I have had zero contact.