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  1. Area 51 color shifting concerns

    Pretty sure that's just some really bad color correction with saturation turned way up. I've never seen any photo with it so turquoise before. I managed to get a glimpse of an Area 51 Bronco Sport on a road trip this past week and it looks great to me. Like a medium blue gray.
  2. Build & Price Updated: Auto No Longer Free For Mid-Level Trim + Other Changes

    It was 1895 for modular top and 2495 for dual. Something like that.
  3. Build & Price Updated: Auto No Longer Free For Mid-Level Trim + Other Changes

    Sorry, it looks like it's not there anymore. They might be doing site updates right now so it was probably added as a test. Should have taken a screen shot.
  4. Build & Price Updated: Auto No Longer Free For Mid-Level Trim + Other Changes

    Can confirm on the price increase. Additionally it looks like you can select the black modular top and soft top dual options now. All very expensive. Edit: looks like the top options disappeared. They may be doing site updates or testing live right now.
  5. Oxford White 2D Sasquatch Badlands Bronco

    Ready for a safari!
  6. Update! MPG estimate from gauge image (for 4 Bronco Badlands Overland)

    Incorrect, it's 2 door and 4 door respectively. Engine choice does not affect gas tank size whatsoever.
  7. 37s with additional lift..wishful thinking

    Going 37s is going to be expensive no matter how you slice it. Costly to install, costly to run. I can't think of any mass produced civilian vehicle that comes stock with 37s. Considering this is an entirely new vehicle design, I wouldn't be surprised it will take some time to engineer solutions...
  8. LAST CALL: Badlands 33” vs. 35” (Pros & Cons) Worth the upgrade to 35” tires?

    Right now it doesn't seem to cost anything, which is great. Give it a shot. Just select 4.7 gearing and you'll notice it doesn't add the Sasquatch package.
  9. LAST CALL: Badlands 33” vs. 35” (Pros & Cons) Worth the upgrade to 35” tires?

    You can select 4.7 gearing on Badlands without going Sasquatch.
  10. Sweet spot For the money - Black Diamond non-Squatch

    You'll get automatic drive engagement during inclement weather without having to adjust the setting manually. You also get improved total gear ratios:
  11. Holding Off On Ordering My Bronco

    You can also craft a simple platform out of plywood plank and 2x4s to level the back with the seats until you get the tailgate. Shouldn't cost more than $50 and some time and effort.
  12. Solutions for no cup holders in 4-door backseat

    With the MOLLE system on the back seats I imagine you may be able to attach some sort of cup holder. Possibly a product that will come out after the Bronco is out and about.
  13. BD vs. BL

    You do, but Badlands comes with them without sasquatch.
  14. Black Diamond Steelies on Big Bend?

    There are no suspension differences between BB and BD. The BD tire is also slightly shorter. You should be able to direct swap between the two.
  15. Bronco build & price is down [And It's Back]

    Yeah I think that's new. You can now configure the base with 4.46 gearing but only with 2.3 manual and part time drive selection. Seems like a good option for someone who likes manual and wants to upgrade wheels right away.
  16. Ultimate Black Diamond Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    Race Red. It's brighter than Rapid Red which has a deeper metallic appearance.
  17. Squatched Badlands question

    From the data sheets about the Bronco stickied to the general topics forum since reveal day July 13. A lot of info provided on day 1 hasn't changed, which makes me wonder why it's taken over 3 months to get Build and Price...
  18. Pricing and Saving

    Assuming they're barely driven and sit in a garage or warehouse forgotten and unused until "barnyard find 2021 FE Bronco sells for $$$"
  19. My dealer just called to chew me out.

    All these dealers acting like their customers should pay premium and like it. Each reservation is just dollar signs to them and they're angry you took that away from them. Let them know the power is in your hands and not theirs.