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  1. Maryland Volume Buyers Group? or Maybe VA/PA/DE/MD?

    I had comms issues with them from the start and made the switch to Leonardtown. Sorry to hear they haven't stepped their game up over at Bob Davidson.
  2. Bronco Wave?

    If I see someone in the exact same trim and color, sure. Otherwise, nah. This isn't high school and I'm not joining your "gang".
  3. Video: Iconic Silver Bronco Big Bend 4-Door With MIC Hardtop

    Thanks for sharing, OP! I agree with many of the posters that this seems like a pre-production Frankenstein, as opposed to a deliverable configuration. To each their own, but I like Iconic Silver. Cyber Orange and all the Blues seem cartoonish and ridiculous to me, and the Grays too flat and...
  4. What is your final build?

    Stay away from my build, you! This is mine almost exactly, except I'm squatching and going soft top to start. I'll add the black mod top (with sound deadening!) later.
  5. 3 Broncos out on late night drive

    Yes!!! Esp. With the roof!
  6. Auxiliary Switches - What’s on your list?

    Mostly exterior lights, but also power to the on-board air compressor. I'd thought about running the winch too, but I'm not sure if the amperage is right and it wouldn't eliminate the need for a hand controller, so what's the point?
  7. Is not having sport mode a big deal?

    Yup, tracking. And since 99% of what's on this forum is speculation anyway, including virtually all of this thread, I'm cool with leaving my comments as is. I appreciate you post-policing me though.
  8. Is not having sport mode a big deal?

    LOL, I was being sarcastic, but you're essentially correct. Picking a trim based on having or not having Sport mode would be like choosing a trim because you prefer the name or badge.
  9. Is not having sport mode a big deal?

    "bAjA aNd SpOrT aRe NoT tHe SaMe..."
  10. Is not having sport mode a big deal?

    1. No, it's not a big deal as Baja is essentially 4WD Sport mode. 2. In a Badlands trim, never. I'll have Baja. For more information, check out this post:
  11. Food for thought. Take a minute and consider.

    Still, you'd think they could make X-Plan available as a consolation. It wouldn't even be like they were giving us anything, since they never should have pulled it to begin with...
  12. Base Bronco 2-Door Iconic Silver spotted in Wixom, MI

    I really disagree. It looks rich and silky, the reflections of the background are really clear. It's as bright a metallic color as I've hoped for. The thumbnails make the reflections looks like dullness, graying the metallic sheen. Open the full image and take a closer look.
  13. Mike Fitzpatrick Ford Newnan, Georgia

    About to sell? With floor models for sale not expected to hit dealerships until late next year at the earliest, what does an average salesman need to know today? They have a full lineup of vehicles to support and immediate sales goals to meet. All due respect, but your $100, refundable and...
  14. Mike Fitzpatrick Ford Newnan, Georgia

    I'm not surprised at all. While we who post here and devour every Bronco-related scrap of news are clearly enthusiasts who are deeply engaged... to some people this may just be their job.
  15. Leonardtown Ford Reservation Holders

    I don't follow. What exactly runs counter to Ford's information?
  16. Ford website is a flustercuck

    On the bright side, you can now reserve with Granger and save $2k off invoice.
  17. Maryland Volume Buyers Group? or Maybe VA/PA/DE/MD?

    For those considering Leonardtown Ford, please check-out this post from the Regional Forums from @NayNay. Good information about what to expect from Ford and your dealership in the coming weeks & months. BLUF: if you're thinking about switching to Leonardtown, switch before 06 Dec.
  18. Leonardtown Ford Reservation Holders

    Thank you, Rene! I appreciate the straight-shit info! Posts like this make me feel really good about having switched to your dealership!
  19. Bronco Ordering looking like it may be delayed until the first of the year

    Move on to what? To a Wrangler? That always has been and always will be an option for buyers, regardless of how good or bad Ford's communications are. This is a consumer-grade product. Just because we're all ordering it, doesn't make these unique products that will fail to launch if we cancel...