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  1. A/Z/X Plan pricing

    I just pulled this from the Ford Partner site, it has been updated saying the First Edition is not eligible for AZD-plan, but all the others are. Here is a link to the file: Microsoft Word - AXZ-Ineligible Products 1.22.2021 (
  2. 2021 Bronco GCWR & maximum loaded trailer weight (from 2021 Ford Towing Guide)

    I found the 2021 Ford Towing guide linked in the f150Gen14 forum and it has a page for the Bronco with some info I haven't see before. Sorry it's been posted already, but I did search and couldn't find a reference to the guide or GCWR specs...
  3. Updated Bronco FAQ: Order Conversion/Dealer Selection Deadline Now March 19

    I agree with you on #1, I'm leaning towards an F-150 Tremor now because I don't want to worry about exceeding the towing or cargo weight limit. I don't need truck level towing or payload, but I need to be able to carry 4 adults, a full cooler and some gear. On the flip side, I would love a...
  4. Microsoft Xbox talk

    That sucks, you couldn't get one from Walmart. I've experienced the same thing with the Walmart site before. I don't really need one myself so I'm not trying too hard, but If I did get one, I'd make sure it went to someone who needed one for Christmas. My kids are happy with the Xbox One X I got...
  5. Microsoft Xbox talk

    Nice grab on the Series S, it looks like the bots haven't picked up on this bundle since it's still available. I always hated the way gamestop likes to bundle stuff with hard to get consoles, but it's better than nothing. I was talking to the XBox team and they said that COVID has really slowed...
  6. Punted for a 2021 F-150 Lariat FX4 pickup truck

    Damn you, I've been eyeballing the exact same setup in Carbonized Gray. I sold my truck in March planning on buying a new one next year, then I saw the Bronco this summer and I was sold on the open air experience. I'm trying to hold strong for a Bronco, but it's hard knowing I can pick up this...
  7. Dealer Requested Deposit Amount

    I agree with you in that I don’t like having my money tied up for that long, but if it keeps some people from ordering a bronco they don’t intend to buy I’m ok with it. I’ve already put down $100, so $400 more isn’t that much. I sold my F-150 in March and have that money set aside in some...
  8. Dealer Requested Deposit Amount

    I don't want to put down a deposit, but a reasonable deposit is a good thing. I would say $500 to put in an order reasonable. Ford knows that 50% of reservations are going to fall through and it's better to weed those out before the orders go in so that people who are actually going to buy one...
  9. I love ford

    I have a Tesla MS and I love it as a commuter/daily driver. I had an F-150 FX4 that I planned on keeping for some camping\light towing, but decided to sell and wait for an upgrade (this worked out really well as I sold it just as the market was tanking and made a ton when it rebounded). I...
  10. Let's do the MPG math

    I got 17 mpg combined with my 5.0L F-150, so I'm hoping to get at least 20 mpg from a stock Badlands.
  11. 34"s the perfect size?

    I’m thinking the same thing. I’m debating between upgrading when the 33s ware out or get them right away.
  12. Microsoft Xbox talk

    @EvlNvrDys I work for Microsoft and if they are hard to come by I can probably pick one for a friend as I'm not panning on getting one for myself. So, If your not able to get one once they go on sale send me a DM and I'll see what I can do. I'm down near Baltimore, so not too far from NJ.
  13. How do you wait for “Late Availability”?

    Agreed, I was thinking about waiting for MY22 options, but I’m happy enough with what we have for the first year. The only thing I’m really willing to wait for is a higher rated tow package and I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.
  14. Trailer Hitch ?

    I'm going to give the factory receiver a shot because I want the hitch and wiring right away, but I'll probably upgrade to an after market bumper with a Class III receiver down the road. I've seen some for Jeep that mount to the frame and cross member that should be much stronger than this one.
  15. Let the Bronco price hikes begin!

    Don't waste your time with dealers like that. Just move your reservation to one of the dealers that has been honest and transparent with their pricing and save your time and energy for some awesome off-road adventures.
  16. What happened to the optional power seats in front (10-way for driver and 8-way for passenger)?

    Sorry about that, writing is not a strong suit of mine. I'll go back an update. Thanks
  17. What happened to the optional power seats in front (10-way for driver and 8-way for passenger)?

    From the interior walkthrough, at the 10:20 point of the video.
  18. What happened to the optional power seats in front (10-way for driver and 8-way for passenger)?

    This is what was said in the materials walkthrough, but only for the 4dr. Power seats are not available on 2dr models. Also, if you choose leather on the Badlands it will swap out carpet for vinyl flooring and you'll get power seats. Edit: What I intended above was that if you get power seats...
  19. 2021 Bronco BUILD & PRICE Configurator Is Finally Live (For Real)!! Share your build inside.

    Badlands 4 door A51 Upgraded wheels w/ 33” AT tires MIC top Vinyl seats 2.7L/10AT Lux Specs out around $55k, which is a little less than I was expecting. Once I factor in the Granger discount, I’m pretty happy with the result.
  20. Tow Package Question

    There are a few threads on the tow package.