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  1. These prices are CRAZY! $110K Bronco?! Video

    Nah I like driving. Just not the the M/T fanboys who if you told them "real driving" was cutting the floor out and peddling like Fred Flinstone they'd do it. But by all means enjoy whatever you can to feel superior to others, I have a feeling it's a small list.
  2. These prices are CRAZY! $110K Bronco?! Video

    I'm the opposite I wouldn't drive a manual if someone bought it for me. :)
  3. Bought snow tires - Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT3 315/70R17

    I'd bet on the cold it's only in the 50-60's here today and I'm already walking my dog in a hoodie. :ROFLMAO:
  4. XPEL Stealth Satin PPF wrapped my Carbonized Gray Badlands Bronco

    Out of all the wraps I've seen this one is perfect! I'd love to do the same to my Shadow Black/BD when I get it. I really, really like the look of the material. Very nice!
  5. These prices are CRAZY! $110K Bronco?! Video

    The only Ford I'd pay that much for (if I had money like that) is possibly this, but definitely not an ORV.
  6. Combat Green Textured Wrap Bronco

    The only thing that hurts more than me still waiting on my Bronco is seeing people with no taste what so ever fucking up perfectly good ones.
  7. Getting back at Fomoco: Boycott Off-Roadeo

    I wasn't going to go to one anyways. My decision is now, do I as a lifelong Ford customer buy another Ford after this Bronco. I've come too far to give up now but when it is time to buy another vehicle I will look at that Bronco and remember how Ford fucked over their customers (read early...
  8. Granger Ford -2022 Bronco Allocation - No one said it was going to be easy

    I think I am about convinced to take some of my Bronco cash throw a supercharger in my Mustang and call it a day. Then I can drive the wheels off it until I can walk onto a lot and just buy a Bronco. This whole process has been a nightmare.
  9. Addictive Desert Designs (ADD): Stealth Fighter Bumper for 2021+ Bronco

    Not gonna lie most of the addons I have seen left me less than impressed but I do like the look of this bumper very, very much. It would be nice though if they had one without the light bar in the center. But I am just being picky because I am not a big fan of light bars.
  10. BRONCO RAPTOR - INTERIOR Renderings (best guess)

    God damn that's some horrid looking shit. Whoever rendered that must like shopping for interior accessories at O'Reilly's.
  11. Modified First Edition #1 by MaxliderBros

    Looks ok, but not a fan of those wheels and tires at all they're just too small. Getting into this territory.
  12. Matte Green Wrapped 2021 Bronco

    Meh. I'm not a fan of green and definitely not matte colors either. But it's not mine so if the owner likes it more power to them.
  13. 🦖 Bronco Raptor Officially Confirmed and Teased by Ford!

    While we can't even manage to get regular Broncos out the door check out this other Bronco you can't have anytime soon. STAY PUMPED!
  14. How many of you will be making two car payments?

    Depends on how long it takes me to get my Bronco, if my Mustang is nearly paid off I'm keeping it and will have two payments for a bit.
  15. The Dog Thread 🐾

    Marely is ready for a top down ride for sure!
  16. Comfort level changing your Build based on the recent news

    The only way I will change my order at all is if the '22 will offer the ability to get the B&O sound system across all models (as it should be anyways). I am not going to let Ford "bully" me into something I don't want because of their issues.