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  1. Markups on Bronco Raptor.

    To quote Billie Eilish… “d’uh.”
  2. Rec'd text from my OG dealer. They claim to have 5 unclaimed Broncos. UPDATED 9/20/2021

    It seems like they are selling like mad with mark ups. Good for them. It won’t be my money however.
  3. Rec'd text from my OG dealer. They claim to have 5 unclaimed Broncos. UPDATED 9/20/2021

    You need to quit while you’re ahead. That post made no sense. The current Chinese new domestic car market are either cheap unlicensed knock-offs of popular car brands elsewhere in the world or old tooling making old cars in a new facility.
  4. Die-Cast Models for $15 at Sam’s Club

    Still not enough doors.
  5. Anyone lease yet?

    As much as I dislike leases since you own nothing at the end I am considering it for my Bronco whenever it comes in. Mainly first year cars are known for jitters and growing pains and in a few years if I don’t like it I can turn it in and/or get the hybrid model if it is made.
  6. Soft tops for daily driving in cold winters ?

    I’ve done it for decades in YJs TJs JKs and Mustangs and will be doing it again with the Bronco. I live in north central Wisconsin. A hard top never even crossed my mind to own for the Bronco.
  7. Hang in There items.

    I can’t even find my hammock. When I do it’s going up for sale. Apparently they are selling on eBay. Who wants it, I sure don’t know.
  8. Bronco G6+ Refresh Poll. What would you like FoMoCo to change?

    Yup. This is just going to be a DD for me so if I can squeeze out some more mpg I would like that.
  9. Ford could punish dealerships for selling without reservations

    Eh, just a massed produced car. If this kills the dealer model so be it, if it doesn’t then it doesn’t. I don’t need this particular car, I just want it. There will be plenty at or below MSRP in the coming years.
  10. Bronco in snow?

    Honestly I haven’t read most of this thread. For navigating snow and ice on the roadways it is more related to the driver than the car. I’ve grew up in snowy area and learned to drive in it. But I have still wrecked cars because I was overconfident… when I was younger. I’ve driven a 650+ hp...
  11. Bronco Safety Rating?

    It’s true all the dudes line up.
  12. Flag Holders for Bronco Then just get whatever random flags you want and impress your neighbors.
  13. Bronco Safety Rating?

    Walking would be the safest way.
  14. Sasquatch for On-Road Guy?

    Get what you want. I am DD’ing my modded PW.
  15. Ford Shelby Bronco rendered

    Hard pass.