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  1. Ford says Bronco will launch in the Middle East this summer

    It will be like MachE. 5k built a month but only 1500 sent to North America, great for dealers who want to add $10k markup
  2. Bronco Sport rolls off Black Bear Pass

    I rolled a Samurai once over landing on the wheels, neither the me or the passenger were injured as we were both buckled in. Belt probably saved a broken neck. Of course I did not tumble down a mountain like that but.......
  3. Shelby surprise?

    Taking this photo over to the MachE forum. Sweet.
  4. Floor mats, yaaaaay! Wait, nope.

    I ordered a speed bump from Amazon and they sent me 2 by mistake. The driver tossed the bundle on the lawn at the curb as they weigh in a 45 pounds per. LOL.
  5. I did a thing tonight...'64 C10 love.

    Love the color. Good old trucks.
  6. Why is the BB so much more than the Base?

    For the same reason I will not be able to order a Base in Green..
  7. Take my money, Ford! (A Win/Win Idea for Ford)

    I canceled my Bronco and bought a MachE. Awesome car. Now I am waiting for 2022 order banks to see if I can get a 2 door Base soft top in green. May order one after I get a test driving. Probably not going to happen but you never know.
  8. Bronco BEV Electric Vehicle

    Having switched from a Bronco and purchased a MachE in February I have to say i would be all in on a BEV Bronco. I don't really buy into the save a tree BS they are peddling, I do buy into never going to a gas station and paying 3 pennies per mile vs 50 pennies in fuel cost and never...
  9. New Models/Upgrades Coming for 2022/2023 says Levine

    I would go all in on a BEV Bronco even if it only had 180 miles of range, I would even put up with lockable front hubs and a 2 wheel drive mode to keep the commute range up there. Hybrids, ehhhh, who wants the maintenance.
  10. Bronco vs Bronco Sport

    MachE kinda annoys me. We call it the Mustang since it replaced our 06. Still pining for a Bronco. Want a beach buggy.. Sports remind me of our old 2002 Escape. Nice little rigs.
  11. FE - 4 door, LB - 35 inch tires measure 32 inch

    Hold on. I need some clarification. Is a "Pineapple" the measurement to the top of the fruit section or does it include the stem/leafy part?
  12. How can you pass this up?

    Under 31k. So.....
  13. The 2022 Bronco Club.. What next? Disappoint or Happy?

    As a 22 I am excited that I may get to see and sit in both a 2 and 4 door and check out too options before ordering my Green machine.
  14. Poll: let's settle this - Boxwood or Mallard Green?

    I like this. We all need to decide it "must" be one of these two colors. Gives my choice of "Calypso" a better chance..
  15. Dealer

    Waiting til 22MY but my build is currently a Bend with just the locker.. Ehhhhhhh ....... Hope they get is sorted by August.
  16. Ordering woes at Hennessy Ford in atlanta

    Some days are better than others. For me today was an epic...
  17. What exactly is the benefit to choosing to wait for MY22?

    7/16 res here. Will be waiting until 22MY. Test drive engines and transmissions before ordering. Getting to see 2 and 4 door rigs in the flesh. Do I really need 4 doors. ? Green.(hopefully) Get to see different top options. That and we have a MachE we hope will show up this summer, need to...